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DIY Holiday Santa Hat Chair Cover Santa Table Setting

DIY Holiday Santa Hat Chair Cover Santa Table Setting


Get ready for Christmas with these lovely people santa hat chair cover And for more Santa table setting ideas, we include Santa Hat Chair Covers, Table Covers, Napkins, and Santa Centerpieces! They really add a special touch to holiday home decor. We also have a ton of Santa projects on our site, Santa sewing patterns and ideas are just one of my favorite Christmas decorations, if you like sewing you can follow the link. And check out the Christmas Napkin Folding Ideas with Tutorial at the bottom.

For this sewing project we needed to measure the width of the chair and got Christmas red fabric, velvet or felt would be perfect. This Santa hat chair cover is an easy, fun and effortless way to dress up chairs and delight guests for the upcoming holidays.

Adding white felt along the lid opening and the pompom at the top of the hat made for a quick and easy sew. Measure the proper size and sew or hot melt glue for this project.

You can view a detailed tutorial on making holiday home decorations here: Makeitloveit – Santa Hat Chair Covers. Here is a video tutorial for StyleNovice.

Youtube: new to style

Image: Santa Hat Chair Cover

If you know how to sew Santa, challenge yourself to make this santa chair cover, you can google some santa patterns, they are super cute and can add Christmas atmosphere to the dining room.

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