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DIY Rustic Branch Snowflake Decoration Tutorial

DIY Rustic Branch Snowflake Decoration Tutorial


Add a rustic decorative element with this DIY rustic tree branch snowflake decoration tutorial that’s easy and kid-friendly. I have so many ways to make snowflakes and the salt dough snowflakes are so pretty that even kids can make them with cookie cutters. Spaghetti snowflakes are another fun for kids. Hot glue snowflakes look very beautiful, we can change into any shape, and add nail polish or sequins as gift decoration or home decoration. We also have lots of DIY Christmas decorations with tutorials that you can check out and make with your family. These branch snowflake ornaments are super easy to make and can be as simple or as intricate as you want. What a great way to add something original to your cozy and warm Christmas tree this year. The original tutorial is from Littlethingsbringsmiles Rustic Snowflake Tutorial, but the link is now unavailable due to this reason. Fortunately the pictures are clear and explain the process well.

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  • Cut the branch into 4 long and 4 short equal parts
  • Use snowflake shaped hot glue to glue them on one end
  • Hot glue evergreen leaves and add buttons and twine bows for decoration
  • Love the idea, I might switch to cinnamon sticks for a festive touch, awesome agree?

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