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15 kinds of unique polymer clay ring design trial (with tutorial)


15 kinds of unique polymer clay ring design trial (with tutorial)


Wearing the ring as an accessory is like wearing a small piece of your personality on your finger for everyone to see!

You can buy many exquisite rings in stores, and we also have many rings purchased in stores that we like. But as DIY enthusiasts, you may be able to imagine why we prefer to wear things we made ourselves. We get this kind of satisfaction from it.

Clay ring ideas made of polymers

Our current obsession with craftsmanship is to use Polymer clay. You can use clay and a little creativity to create almost endless designs.

Just in case you want to learn how to make polymers Clay ring Also, here are 15 coolest ring making tutorials So far, we have found it online!

1. Close to the fox ring

View in galleryClay Ring-Adhesive Fox

We have always liked split rings because we love their appearance no matter the design, but rings with a small character like this cute fox by Lilac Sprinkles are definitely the most popular! This tutorial will show you how to use a simple metal split ring as a base to build a small tail and a small head with ears and tiny features. The finished product looks like a little fox holding your fingers tightly!

2. Clay Dream Catcher

View in gallery

Apart from working with clay, have you always liked painting? We do the same, we don’t mind doing it on a small scale, on a small surface that requires attention to detail. That’s why this clay and hand-painted dream catcher caught our attention. Zaky White shows you how to get a basic thick polymer ring shape from clay, giving yourself enough width to draw a beautiful detailed image of a feather dream catcher with a pointed brush, no matter what color you choose.

3. Simple polymer clay ring

View in galleryMethod for making polymer clay ring

Have you seen the design we just showed you above and considered how much you want to make it and how you want your design to look like, but you have never used polymer clay before? Do you think you can use some more detailed instructions to make the ring?

Method for making polymer clay ring

In this case, we think you might like this very basic step-by-step tutorial for making ordinary loops! Follow these instructions from Luis Cisneros Visual Artist, once you are satisfied with the process, you can decorate as you like.

4. DIY Marble Clay Ring

View in galleryDIY clay ring

Have you made clay rings before, but you are used to making each ring with only one color, now you want to expand and try different looks that combine more tones? In this case, we have a feeling that you will like these beautiful marble rings in Spoonful of Pretty! They show you how to make the bottom of the ring with one color and one clay “gem” by putting together two other colors of marble patterns and processing them to the bottom before everything dries.

5. Polymer clay reminder ring

View in galleryClay ring DIY

Are you more experienced in using polymer clay, and do you feel that you can use some additional techniques that will eventually give you extra coolness? Then take a look at this tutorial from 2 Cats & 1 Doll on how to make these awesome miniature chalkboard rings out of clay! They showed you how to build the actual ring and make intricate designs around the frame, and how to create the actual blackboard part so that you can write on it later.

6. Wind chimes polymer clay ring

View in gallery

Maybe you are actually very experienced in polymer clay art, and you are not shy about making shapes and shaping the clay into various detailed small designs?In this case, you might be the best person to try to create these amazing Little hyacinth from Irini Iva. They put flowers on a simple metal ring and let the clay change the top of your finger in a subtle way.

7. Polymer clay kitten cat ring

View in gallery

You like the idea of ​​using polymer clay to create shapes and images, but you are not sure if you are ready for the exquisite shapes and color combinations we just showed you? In this case, maybe you prefer a simpler graphic design, such as this cute cat ring by Brookelyn Kim! We like the way they maintain a stylish monochromatic color by indenting the cat’s features in the clay itself instead of adding other colors or paintings to the mix.

8. Clay glitter bow

View in gallery

Maybe you really want to create a shape, even if you are not sure whether you want to paint or add other colors of clay, you still want to give the finished product a small Some extra things can really make it stand out?Then we have a feeling that you will Love This shiny bow design from Delighted Momma!Their tutorial will guide you through the process of making cute little bows and Cover it with any glitter of your favorite color.

9. Knotted Clay Ring

View in gallery

Have you ever seen the suppressed clay project Look It’s like they are woven together, but it’s actually just an illusion?Clay can be difficult to weave, especially small scale, because it is fragile before drying, but it can be made Look It’s like weaving everything together is easier than you think! Zaky White will show you how to press down certain points to form a knotted pattern, and how to lightly draw certain points to add shadows.

10. Coarse flower polymer ring

View in galleryPolymer ring

Compared to paint or engraving, do you always do better with pens and drawing? Then maybe you prefer this thick hand-painted ring from Mo Clay! Their tutorial shows you how to make a ring that is more bulbous on one side, giving you room to draw small flowers or use a pointed ink pen to draw any other design you like.

11. Wrapped Clay Rhinestone Ring

View in galleryPolymer clay ring

Do you like to add a little sparkle to your ring to add a bit of personalized purchase idea, although this sounds like a contradiction, but you want your kind of sparkle to be a bit more subtle than our sparkle design I have shown you before? In this case, please consider adding a rhinestone in the middle! We like this exquisite tutorial by Craftliners because it shows you how to wrap clay neatly and carefully to create a stylish crossover effect.

12. Woven polymer clay and thread loops

View in gallery

Have you been browsing our list looking for more creative and non-traditional designs than the ordinary clay rings you see? In this case, maybe you prefer to make this awesome line weave look from Little Button Diaries! They showed you how to make a square flat ring and poke small holes around the outer edge so you can create a spiral effect by weaving the thread in the hole in any direction you like.

13. Artificial granite polymer clay ring

View in gallery

Do you really like the square design style we showed you above, but compared to the beautiful threaded ring we just showed you, you would rather make it look more geometric and abstract? In this case, we definitely think you should take a look at this clay ring tutorial from Fall for DIY! Not only did they show you how to make a square ring with your fingers passing directly through the shape, but they also showed you how to make a version with a granite-like texture appearance.

14. DIY Finn The Human ring

View in gallery

Do jewelry pieces inspired by pop culture figures always attract your attention, because you admire the characters there, but you also like accessories?In that case, it’s great Adventure time A ring inspired by Monzter Michelle sounds perfect for you! Their tutorial will guide you step by step through the process of making a ring that looks like a human Finn hugging your finger.

15. Spiral Snake Ring

View in galleryHow to make a clay ring

Are you feeling a bit brave about your polymer clay skills now and are looking for a design that allows you to create interesting shapes without making things also Embarrassed yourself? Then we have a feeling that you will become a big fan of Ludmila Bakulina’s spiral ring idea, it looks like a marble snake wrapped around your finger! We like the way they mix the two colors together, and we think that no matter which color you choose, it will look great.

How to make a clay ring

We hope our clay ring idea above is something you will try soon. For those who want to know how to make a clay ring, we thank all the creators, so please click on the link in our article.

Hope this will be interesting for you, as we wrote this article on clay ring ideas.

If you end up making something yourself, don’t be shy and let us know in the comment box below. We would be happy to hear from you.

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