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Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Nail Art


Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Nail Art


In terms of winter weather, February may still be a bit cold and dark, but the joy of Valentine’s Day and the love of celebrating with family and loved ones always make us feel brighter!

This may sound tacky, but the color schemes and shapes associated with Valentine’s Day will make us happy, and we like to show and share this feeling in any possible small DIY way! Recently, we have been thinking about how to use our nails for a good and pleasant makeover, so we have been paying attention to the cute Valentine’s Day themed nail art designs, and we think we can manage these designs at home.

Do you like the idea of ​​giving yourself a lovely Valentine’s Day themed nail art in February this year, just like us, if not more?

Check out these 15 amazing ideas, designs and tutorials we have encountered so far in our search for inspiration!

1. Pink sponge tip

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Are you a little beginner when doing fancy things with your nails, but in any case you are determined to add a little Valentine’s Day joy to your hands? Then maybe you should start with this super simple color and texture concept by CW Tampa! They recommend using a cut sponge to add some bright pink visual texture to the ends of pure white nails.

2. Black and pink glitter

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Who said that the cheerful Valentine’s Day aesthetics cannot involve dark or even black? If you ask us, it is totally appropriate, as long as there is some pleasant balance of popular colors! That’s why we really like this black, pink, shiny and detailed design by She Ideas. Try to use toothpicks for your dots and hearts!

3. Pink nails with jewelry

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You are that kind of person always When it comes to your personal style, do you prefer a little more, whether it’s a little more texture, glitter, gloss or color? Then we think you might be the perfect person to try this jewelry Valentine’s Day manicure featuring Love Maegan! They show you how to add small decorations in white, pink and red to a very pure pink look without losing anything in your day.

4. Polka round snacks

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You like the idea of ​​adding shape, color and visual texture to your nail art, but you would rather stick to nail polish only because you are better at freehand drawing than anything else, and you can’t stick it on your nails for work?In that case, we would really Encourage you to take a look at how Life, World, Women uses stippling techniques to make these cute dotted designs and hearts on a white background on the entire nail.

5.Heart-shaped sequin edging

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Have you ever seen small heart-shaped sequins or confetti in a handicraft store and wondered if they cannot be aesthetically incorporated in some way because you think they are so cute?Then we absolutely Convinced You will love the way Fundamentally Flawless uses those little hearts, by arranging them in a circle, giving their light pink nails a fantastic Valentine’s Day theme edge.

6. Love letter nails

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Do you really feel very artistic and are looking for a nail art idea that makes your technique more unconventional than before?In that case, we would Absolutely It is recommended to see how Nail Deesignz made these impressive love letter nails with some ink printing and some hand-painting! We like thumb envelopes.

7. Negative space heart nail

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Are you really an ordinary manicure lover who often tries to challenge yourself and create awesome new effects on your own nails instead of just sticking to seasonal themes and colors? Then, we think you will have real fun from learning how to create this colorful and clear negative space effect, One Nail to Rule Them All will guide you through this beautiful rhinestone Valentine’s Day heart-shaped tutorial.

8. Two halves

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If you are also a more general craftsman other than nail art, you may have tried or at least heard of paper cutting, but did you know that you can also cut paper on your nails? Well, if you haven’t or never tried it, then here is a great Valentine’s Day inspired tutorial to help you solve this problem! See how uses small floral paper to make these cute half-heart shapes on your nails.

9. Sailor Heart Nail

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Very visual patterns are your favorite effects on nails, because do you like to create contrasts of colors and shapes? Then we thought you might be the perfect person to try these awesome sailor-inspired Valentine’s Day nails! Get the full details of the stripes and hearts provided by Maryam Maquillage.

10. Heart-shaped tips

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Do you usually prefer a simpler nail design, even if you still fully accept a little shape and color, because you Yes Is it a Valentine’s Day theme after all? In this case, we are willing to bet that with these red heart-shaped tricks clearly outlined in detail on the Cosmopolitan, you will indeed get along well!

11. The shiny key to my heart nails

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Do you actually have a talent for careful freehand drawing and have done a lot of practice on various textures and surfaces? Then we suspect that you will have a lot of trouble transferring these skills to your nails in order to produce an impressive effect that ties the entire manicure together!Wednesday really It is recommended to see how Chipettes made this “key to my heart” theme design by carefully breaking down the image of the key on different nails.

12. Contaminated love nail art

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Did we really catch your attention with the dark colors in the Valentine’s Day manicure scheme that we mentioned at the beginning, and now you can’t help but wonder if there are designs you can recreate, which are just fully darkened in their theme Instead of full of bright pinks and reds? In this case, we think you might be the best person to consider this “tainted love” themed nail art featured by So Nailicious.

13. Love bird nails

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Are your favorite manicures and manicure types always those that are cute and look more cartoonish or more interesting than super fashionable? In this case, we think these little lovebirds outlined step by step on Lacquertude may be more suitable for you! We like how they use clear and very useful pictures to lay out every layer and detail of the birds.

14. Love in the air nail art

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Have you really been browsing our list, hoping to find a design that is more whimsical than some of the things you currently see? Then we think you might prefer this absolutely cute “Love in the Air” themed nail art provided by Nail Art Gallery! They recommend using your circular tricks and toothpicks to create white clouds on a blue background, and using red and pink to carefully top up the whole thing.

15. Heartstring Nail Art

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Creating very thin shapes with very small details is actually your favorite nail design, generally speaking and So far, everything you have seen in our list? Then we are happy to report that your patience has paid off, because this tutorial by Lucy’s Stash is exactly what you are looking for! Better check their page to learn more about how to make these delicate and careful strings on your own nails.

You know that some people like nail art and change their nails with the seasons. Did you know that they always collect new ideas for the holidays? Share this article with them to make sure they have a lot of super cute choices for Valentine’s Day!

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