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Scary Halloween trend


Scary Halloween trend


Choosing your Halloween costume is definitely a big decision. Although many people like cute or popular choices, it is undeniable that Halloween is the scariest night of the year. A suitable creepy costume will always be any Halloween The winner of the party.

Easily create your own skeleton makeup

Of course, a large part of a good outfit is makeup.

Look at these DIY skull makeup On the last day of October this year, creativity and rock are like professionals!

1. Half face skull makeup

View in galleryHalf skull face

Maybe you haven’t fully accepted the idea of ​​turning your entire face into a skeleton. In this case, Chrisspy offers a very good compromise.

This half-face skull makeup makes you look scary, but still allows the rest of your face to freely create a completely different makeup look.

2. Dark skull makeup

View in gallerySimple skull makeup

October is a colorful month, but its last day is usually celebrated in a rather dark way. This is the night when witches, skeletons and ghosts come out to play. They all like darkness rather than light.

Follow Charlotte’s tutorial to recreate this creepy black skeleton makeup!

3. Split skull makeup

View in galleryHalloween skull makeup

What if your Halloween makeup can only cover one side of your face and leave the other side completely natural? The idea of ​​split skull makeup comes from Roxxasurus, it actually emphasizes the appearance of the skull because it looks scarier when placed next to your regular makeup.

4. Half-clown half-skeleton makeup

View in gallery

This is another idea of ​​splitting the makeup face, except that Sydandell didn’t let the other side be natural-she painted it as a scary clown, making the whole makeup even more daunting.

The clown and the skeleton themselves are already scary, are they still mixed together? This thought alone makes us shudder!

5. Silver skull makeup

View in gallerySkull face makeup

You can definitely add some highlighter to your skeleton makeup to make it look like silver. Although the makeup is super scary, it will make you look elegant.

What can we say, Jessie Martinez is really a makeup wizard; who else can make you look like a charming skeleton?

6. Simple skull makeup with high cheekbones

View in gallerySimple skull makeup

If you will learn one thing from this article, it is that each skeleton is unique. Some people look very deadly, while others are easily crowned as supermodels. You may be a skeleton, but you can still rock high fashion! See how Chrisspy created this incredible makeup with high cheekbones!

7. Melting skull makeup

View in gallery

What’s more terrible than melting your face? ! Frighten everyone with shocking makeup at the Halloween party, it looks as if your skin is melting, revealing the dark skeleton underneath. Desi Perkins share the tutorial!

8. Neon Skull Makeup

View in gallery

Maybe you want to know how you would stand out from the crowd in a huge Halloween parade if you were a skeleton, this is a really common costume. James Charles saves you with this extraordinary neon skull makeup and makes sure all eyes are attracted to you!

9. Shadow Skull Makeup

View in gallery

Shadows and mists are an important part of Halloween, so it makes sense to include them in your evening makeup. Learn how Tiani created this super scary shadow skeleton makeup look, it will surely shock anyone who crosses your path!

10. Full face skull makeup

View in gallery

If you are not afraid to completely cover up your identity with full face skeleton makeup, Savannah Rose provides the ideal tutorial for you! This makeup is so good that even your closest friends will not know that you are hiding under the eerie skeleton!

11. Creepy skull makeup

View in galleryTerrible makeup

Halloween is famous for its creepy undertones. The stranger your makeup, the better! This is a night of the year that you can really go all out; show your dark side freely and recklessly! Get this super scary skeleton makeup tutorial at Madeline.

12. Diamond Skull Makeup

View in gallery

Halloween or not, if you are a glamorous heroine, you will not go out without some serious bling, even the scariest night of the year will not change this. Vic Brocca has created an extraordinary diamond skeleton look, suitable for anyone who is passionate about sparkling things!

Scary makeup looks like you

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