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15 DIY Height Charts for Growing Kids


15 DIY Height Charts for Growing Kids

Although a small part of me wants my kids to stay small forever, there is no denying that they are growing rapidly, even based on height alone.

since they Yes However, I’m still young and I’m always looking for ways to help document their childhoods and all the exciting changes they’re going through so that we can look back on them nostalgically later, when they’re older and want more Learn about their early traits and personalities.

View in galleryDIY Height Charts 15 DIY Height Charts for Growing Kids

One of my favorite common ideas in the parenting world is keep heightmap It tracks how much kids have grown over time, however, we’re sure it won’t surprise anyone who knows how crafty we are, we’d rather find a DIY way to make our own height charter rather than just buy Ex – Manufactured variety sold in stores.

Cool DIY Height Charts You Should Try

Just in case you like the idea of ​​making your own height chart for your kids, here are some of the best (and cutest) ideas, designs, and tutorials we’ve come across so far, if not more Find inspiration and guidance!

1. Simple DIY ruler growth chart

View in galleryEasy DIY Ruler Growth Charts 15 DIY Height Charts for Growing Kids

Are you the type of person who likes to have everything in your home fit the same aesthetic and match a natural, old-fashioned look, right down to the smallest display items and what you have for your kids? In this case, and especially if you love wood finishes as much as we do, we thought you might love this simple stained wood and paint stencil idea from an old saltworks that looks like a giant version of an old school ruler!

2. Magnetic racing growth chart

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If you were going to spend the time and effort making your own height chart for your kids to use, would you prefer to make something they would actually like to see and use? Then maybe it’s the best idea to theme it after something they like! If your kids are even half as fascinated with cars as we are, we thought you might appreciate the way Abby Lawson draws a heightmap that looks like a vertical road with little magnets marking each kid’s height car.

3. Simple Wooden Height Chart in 5 Easy Steps

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Do you love the idea of ​​making your own wooden height chart like the first concept we showed you, but you’re not super attached to the old-fashioned aesthetic of the ruler theme? Well, if you’ve ever been a big fan of adding painful details to things, maybe you can get along better with this guide from Angie’s List! Their finished products are also made of wood, but the real focus here is on the painted designs.

4. DIY Growth Chart Baby Shower

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you really are Such Big fan of nostalgia and family time, comes with a height chart and you almost wish you could share the same joy all New parents you know as you watch your kids grow and get ready to take their first steps? Well, with this cute DIY baby shower gift idea from Bump Smitten, you can actually! Take a closer look at their page to see how they made this super cute homemade folding height table in a small wooden gift box.

5. Embroidered Muslin Height Chart

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Are you the kind of person who is better at working with soft tools and fabric techniques than with wood and other hard materials? Then we have a feeling you might be the perfect person to make this lovely custom embroidered height chart, outlined in surprisingly easy steps on Twirling Betty! They also show you how to do some painting on one side, but the real charm of this scroll-style fabric chart is definitely the needlework.

6. Custom painted wooden name growth chart

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Maybe you actually really like the idea of ​​old-fashioned wooden rulers you saw on our list earlier, but you can’t help but wonder, colors and fun customization might be more to your taste?In this case, we will absolutely You are encouraged to check out how Family Imperfect made these extra cute and colorful wooden ruler charts with each child’s name printed on them! We love that they even outline techniques for getting that glamorous deliberately weathered look.

7. DIY Canvas Growth Chart

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Do you really like the basic concept behind the scrolling style canvas chart we showed you above, but aren’t you a skilled needleworker enough to handle the hand embroidery work you see above? Then, we thought you might get along a little better with something like this simple canvas chart from Craft Lady Lindsay, which is populated with stencils and iron in decals rather than lines.

8. DIY Wooden Growth Chart and Milestone Memory Board

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Do you like the idea of ​​making a more interactive and fun height chart with your kids, but you’re not sure if the idea of ​​a car is exactly what you think? Then maybe you’d rather make yours more of an activity than a themed toy!Personally, we’re obsessed with this hand-painted wooden height charge and Love + Broccoli’s memory board. Their guide gives you all kinds of lovely memory-based advice to document your child’s years in a very unique way!

9. DIY Wooden Growing Tree

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Now that we’ve started talking about tagging jobs and painting opportunities, have we really caught your eye because it’s your favorite thing to do with your kids, but you’re looking for something more whimsical looking? Then maybe you prefer to create a wooden grow tree like this one from a mom that makes sense! They show you how to create accurate measurements on one side and hand-paint a lovely tree on the other. They also show you how they get their kids to create “leaves” or flowers that adorn the branches!

10. String Art Growth Chart

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Are you the type of craftsman who likes to utilize mixed media techniques for nearly every project, making the best use of more than one skill and material in the same place? Well, if you’ve been keeping up with craft trends and find string art as fun as we are, we thought this cute DIY height chart with string art monograms might be just what you’re looking for! Get more details on Hometalk.

11. Sewing flag growth chart

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Did we actually mention making a fabric height table to get the most out of your stitching skills, did it actually pique your interest primarily, but have you always been a garment maker and sewing enthusiast rather than a hand embroidery and decorative stitching expert? Then maybe you’ll get along better with this stitched fabric height gauge from Jewels at Home! They show you how to pin a blank white center on which you can handwrite with a fabric marker for more personalization.

12. Draw arrow growth chart

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Are you really most interested in wood ideas when you’re rolling because you’re actually trying to increase your experience with an actual woodworking project so you’ve been holding on to some of our simple stuff that will allow you to make new wooden shapes instead of just using pre-cut rectangles? Then we’re pretty sure we’ve found the right project for you in this cute and colorful DIY Wooden Arrow Growth Chart that outlines Autumn + Ash step by step.

13. Ribbon length growth chart

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Are you really interested in the basic concept of height maps, but you’re just not sure if you really have wall space in your tiny apartment for a large piece of wood or an entire fabric scroll?Maybe you’d rather record all Your child’s changing dimensions, not their height, as measured by a tailor. In either case, we thought you might be more than happy with this super unique idea from Meaningful Mom that shows you how to use fun and colorful ribbons to document all the different ways your body can grow! We love how they decided to put them all on the keyring and hang it on the doorknob.

14. Simple Striped Growth Chart

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Just in case you’re still most interested in DY height chart ideas that involve painting and wood, but you just don’t feel the beauty of a ruler, here’s a cute block color alternative that’s still available for you if you want The basics are rediscovered! This tutorial from the Old Salt Works gives you tips for making a striped look that looks like colored blocks stacked on top of each other, each representing half a foot, for accurate measurements while having fun.

15. DIY Airplane Growth Chart

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Have you really been going through our list and thinking about how cute a car-themed heightmap can be, but did you know that your kids prefer things that fly in the sky rather than speeding down the road? Then we’re willing to bet you’ll be even more successful with this adorable airplane-themed DIY height chart from Kelly Leigh Creates!

Have you made another awesome DIY growth chart that you really like but don’t see on our list? Tell us what you created and how you did it, or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

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