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15 Fun DIY Musical Instruments (DIY Musical Instruments) to Make with Kids


15 Fun DIY Musical Instruments (DIY Musical Instruments) to Make with Kids

In our house, the kids have two Very A definite favorite when it comes to things to do, enjoy and engage with crafts and music.We are fortunate to raise children who appreciate these creative and rewarding things, we always Find clever new ways to nurture every passion.

it is especially It’s great when we find ideas that help combine crafting and music in one place!

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Our kids are still young and the best crafts to do with them are definitely the ones that keep them busy even when done because it has some practical use or play value in the finished product so DIY musical instruments It’s a total gold mine when it comes to keeping them busy, happy and inspired.

DIY Tool Making

Are you as enthusiastic as we are about the idea of ​​making your own DIY musical instrument with your kids? Check out this list of 15 fantastic ideas, designs and tutorials we’ve come across so far in our quest for inspiration and guidance.

1. Simple Kids Recycling Tape

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Are you the kind of eco-friendly DIYer who just loves to turn whatever craft you make into an upcycling opportunity? Then we’d be willing to bet this adorable kids’ recycled material band, outlined step-by-step in DIY inspiration, will be perfect for you! They show you how to make vibrators, percussion machines, miniature drums, and a variety of basic noise makers to guide your child to a healthy love of percussion.

2. Wooden spoon and bead drum

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If you’ve never tried making and playing den den drums with your little ones before, we’re sorry to tell you that you did miss out on some really fun stuff! You can make all different types of the same concept using all the different materials, but this painted wooden spoon and plastic bead nest drum design from Learning 4 Kids is probably the funniest version we’ve come across.

3. Homemade brass carillon

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Are you a slightly more hands-on DIY hobbyist, good at using tools, like building something structured from scratch, and not afraid of a challenge? Then we thought you might be the perfect person to try out this super awesome (and cute-sounding) homemade brass carillon! The full tutorial from Instructables outlines all the different steps you need to follow.

4. Embroidery hoop, block, stick wood

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Do you really like the idea of ​​making a variety of different instruments at the same time like a small band, but you’re not sure if the idea of ​​recycling is right for you, since you’re a fairly handy DIY hobbyist and would rather use wood as much as possible? Then we think you’ll love the way Hellobee came up with these painted noisemakers made of sticks and blocks, bells, elastic and embroidered hoops!

5. Tray Cymbals

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Do you really believe that the better way for you and your kids right now is to be simple, quick, easy, and more based on the typical kids crafting stuff you already have? Well, if you happen to have any paper plates on hand, you pretty much have everything you need to make these fun paper plate cymbals! We can all thank First Palette for this quieter version of the classic noisy instrument.

6. DIY Kids Rain Stick

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Are your kids really young and most interested or always having fun with less classic things where they can have some simple, messy fun? Well, if they’re ready to join a band, they probably won’t choose to play the rain stick, but it’s actually a common and lovely-sounding percussion instrument, and The Imagination Tree is here to show you how to make a kid-friendly version, covering Get super fun and colorful odds and ends from your crafting drawer.

7. PVC pipe xylophone

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Do you really like the idea of ​​making a carillon because you love the idea of ​​educating your kids about the pitch changes and rhythms involved in playing this kind of thing, but you’d rather help them make new versions that they want to play more? Maybe the idea of ​​using copper pipes isn’t very appealing to you. Either way, we recommend you check out this giant xylophone made of PVC piping! Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls is here to show you how easy it actually is.

8. Plastic Spoons and Easter Egg Maracas

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Are you really looking for a simple, homeware-based multimedia project you can whip up with your kids this afternoon because it’s raining outside, they’re restless and need to spend an hour or so focusing on something thing? Then we suggest you try something quick and easy, like this Easter Egg and Plastic Spoon Maracas from Fun 365! They’ll even keep the kids busy after the making process thanks to their funny sounds.

9. Cardboard Tube Horn

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Maybe your kids generally prefer wind instruments to drums and other percussion instruments when watching musical entertainment?Well, that probably won’t sound Like an easy-to-make instrument, but Teatime Monkeys is here to tell you that actually Yes An easy DIY way to make a kid-friendly beginner version that even makes noise! Take a closer look at their tutorial to see how this fun cardboard tube trumpet is made.

10. Popsicle Harmonica

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Are we really getting your attention now? The whole idea is so that your child can drive it with their breath, like a real wind instrument, and it works on the principle of air pressure, but you also want it to be more like a learning tool than the trumpet provides? Then, we thought you might have more success with things like these easy popsicle sticks, wax paper, and bouncy harmonica, which are outlined in easy steps in The House Forest! They’ll even walk you through explaining to your child how the sound vibrates with wax paper sandwiched between popsicle sticks, just like the reeds in a clarinet or saxophone.

11. DIY Tambourine

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Are you actually a sewing and embroidery lover of all kinds in your personal crafting time, but you’ve been doing it long enough that you definitely have some old stuff you can get rid of? In this case, you may actually already have a few things you need to make these awesome stretch fabric and bell embroidery hoop tambourines, showcased in awesome detail in A Bubbly Life!

12. DIY Yarn and Cardboard Guitar

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Have you been going through our list and noticed a glaring lack of the variety of stringed instruments we’ve shown you so far? Well, luckily for all of us, Make It & Love It can help with that with this cute (and very easy) guitar tutorial made of layered cardboard and yarn. The best part is that even though it’s soft, these little guitars can actually make a strumming sound!

13. DIY Dance Bell

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Are your kids the kind of active little moves who can’t help but dance whenever they hear any music or tune, even if it’s just you singing them silly songs? Well we’d like to bet you’ll get along just fine and help them make these super fun dance bells, Rainy Day Mom shows you how to make simple details.They fit on your wrist or ankle so you can make music if your body as you dance!

14. Mini Plastic Tossing Harp

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If you’re going to put in the time and effort to handcraft your own instrument, would you actually prefer to create something that’s properly tuned and can actually be crafted? music, instead of just making a sound? Well, especially if you like unique and unconventional instruments, we have a strong feeling this shockingly cute miniature harp made of plastic sewn discs will be right up your alley. Instructables is here to show you how it’s done!

15. Recycled Material Guitar

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Have we really caught your attention with the idea of ​​making a DIY guitar, but you want to help your kids create something Now And you just don’t have the amount of yarn or cardboard you need for the project we showed you earlier?then we will really Suggest seeing how CBC parents make this easy version using elastics, tissue rolls, tissue boxes, and other things you may already have around the house or in a recycling bin. Don’t worry; it still makes a quiet strumming sound, just like the rest!

Have you ever made other kinds of awesome DIY musical instruments with your kids that were popular but you didn’t see on our list? Tell us what you created and how you did it, or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

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