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15 cool DIY wife birthday gift ideas


15 cool DIY wife birthday gift ideas

Marriage is a beautiful and strong bond based on love and understanding. Gifts play a vital role in bringing some spark, warmth and romance to your happy married life. Through gifts, you can exchange items or commodities as well as the feelings and passions of mutual admiration. Women in particular are crazy about gifts. What they get from their husbands is the most beautiful and precious thing in the world, even though they are expensive.So husbands, pay attention here, look at these 15 cool DIY wife birthday gift ideas You can do some convenient work and use some supplies at home.

All ideas are so feasible, even if you are not proficient or good at crafts, you can get them. Imagine that your wife will show a big arc smile when she receives these gifts on her birthday, anniversary or even at some typical moments to make them unique and delightful. These gifts are very practical and practical and can be used by wives for many years, such as coasters, picnic baskets, painted utensils, leather diaries and passport holders. If she likes cooking, she will love recipe boxes, marble trays and pie boxes. Therefore, make the most of your free time next time, try as many ideas as possible, and give your significant other a precious gift.

1. Gold foil star crown for wife

Gold foil star crown gift to wife

Looking for cute and interesting gifts for your wife? If so, make this lovely gold foil star crown gift and she will be happy to wear it. You need a lot of gold to make this crown, like gold foil, gold adhesive, gold ribbon, gold foil brush, star template and so on. Follow the details here!House

2. Etched wooden utensils for wife

Wife uses etched wooden utensils

Suppose your wife likes cooking, and then make these etched wooden utensils for her. Using wood burning tools, you can make some beautiful patterns and designs on the wooden spoon and pack them as the perfect gift for her any special day. Use a pencil to draw your pattern, then burn and Tada! The details are here!Whimsical wife

3. Turtle ring box gift

Turtle ring box gift

You can ask your children to help each other to make this tortoise ring box gift for your wife and mother. Use cool pottery to make this cute turtle, with some fixed space on the turtle’s back. Once your tortoise is dry, then paint it green and your beautiful little gift is ready. The ladies would love to wear rings and other jewelry on this turtle. The details of the idea are here!Smart savings couple

4. DIY mug gift for wife

DIY mug gift for wife

Mugs are the perfect gift for everyone, so why not make one for your wife. WIFEY is written on the cup, the result is very tasty and cool, your wife will love it. Paired with HUBBY mug, it is the perfect gift for your anniversary. What you need is a white cup, golden vinyl, letters in PDF format, a circuit browser, and golden spray paint. The details are here!Custom bride

5. Custom flask with oilcloth

Custom flask with tarp

Now, keep everything that belongs to you stylish and cool, including your flask. This is this interesting idea of ​​custom flasks and tarps, suitable for anyone around. You need a tarp with the pattern and color you want, then wrap it on the flask with glue, and you’re done. Get the full details of this super cool and fun gift idea here!beautiful

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6. Birth Moonflower Resin Pendant

Birth Moonflower Resin Pendant

Women love pendants, so making this birthday flower resin pendant is the perfect gift for your wife. If your wife’s birthday is approaching, please choose her birthday month flower and make this beautiful flower resin pendant. She would wear it on her birthday and go crazy about it. Get more information from here!Resin Crafts

7. Bedside table valet parking

Bedside table valet parking

Use this wooden bedside table valet docking station to make your tired wife fun and feasible at night. Using waste wood, you can easily make this full-featured bedside table valet parking service, which provides plenty of space for your phone, watch, and charging cable. In addition, it looks very decorative. The tutorial is here!Full house handmade

8. Romantic picnic basket gift

Romantic picnic basket gift

Wives should take a day off to relax and have fun. So on her next birthday, you can give her this romantic picnic basket as a gift and let her enjoy a wonderful relaxing time on her special day. The basket is filled with champagne, glasses, snacks, and chocolates. You can add anything your wife likes to get a more personalized gift. The details of the step-by-step idea are here! Interesting 365

9. Heart-shaped tea bag

Heart shaped tea bag

Wives who love tea will love these heart-shaped tea bags as cute little gifts for Valentine’s Day. So take some loose tea, tea bag fabric, scissors and pink or red thread to pack these teas in a heart-shaped bag. If you are making a gift basket, then this tea bag will be an interesting part of it. The details are here!Useful

10. DIY copper clad vase

DIY copper clad vase

Make these instant DIY copper-clad vases for your bedroom or living room space. Your wife will love this new thing in her room because it will bring a sparkling and lovely atmosphere there. So grab an empty paper towel character or tube, wrap it with copper sheets, and you will have a very interesting and cute vase as a gift. The details are here!Crumpled

11. Wooden Thanksgiving Pie Gift

Wooden Thanksgiving Pie Gift

With this wooden Thanksgiving pie gift idea, the pie can be turned into a beautiful and interesting gift. A delicious pie is packed in a cute wooden box, and your wife will like it as her birthday present. So bake a pie in your kitchen, use your wood chips to make this wooden box, and you have prepared a gift for your wife. The details are here!Dun Lumbo

12. Cutting board pallet

Cutting board pallet

If your wife likes to follow the new recipes in your label and feed you with delicious food, then this is the perfect gift idea for her. Here, a cutting board has become a perfect tablet holder, with some work done on it. Just add a small piece of wood to the bottom of the cutting board to prepare the tablet holder. The details of the idea are here!Love crazy

13. Light up gifts for her text art

Light up gifts for her text art

Personalized gifts are always the best. If your wife’s birthday is approaching, or your anniversary is approaching, please make this lit gift letter art for here. Grab the first letter of her name, decorate it with decorative paper, add a light bulb, and your lighting gift is ready. Check out the gift ideas details here!Bulb

14. DIY artificial agate coaster

DIY artificial agate coaster

Agate is a gorgeous gemstone with colorful layers, so they are the perfect source of inspiration for many crafts. This is the idea of ​​a DIY artificial agate coaster, which can be made and used as a delightful gift for the wife. Using agate molds, colors, mica powder, glitter and Envirotech lite, you can make coasters in a variety of shades. The details of the idea are here!Resin Crafts

15. The spa gift basket is a gift for wife

Spa gift basket is a gift for wife

Even if you forget your wife’s birthday or anniversary, you can still make her happy in the last hour. Make this spa gift basket for your wife in minutes. Just put spa supplies and some snacks and chocolates in the oval bathtub, and your gift is ready. Check out the perfect details here!consumer goods

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