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Can I wear my engagement ring to the beach and pool?


Can I wear my engagement ring to the beach and pool?


Can I wear my engagement ring to the beach and pool?

You have a ring and you want to show it off. You wonder how quickly you can get that sweet, luscious ring finger tan line. While you want it to blend in with your hand and never leave, there are places where the ring doesn’t do well and water is the main thing. If that tan line is your ultimate goal, maybe stick to sunbathing in the backyard.

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simple solution

The short answer is “don’t do it”. However, we are realistic. You won’t take it off because it looks too good to leave for even a second. Fair enough – we can fix this.

If you need to wear your ring while basking on the beach, you have a few options. Consider opting for silicone rings; they tend to be best for everyday activities where your engagement or wedding ring may be damaged. They have all the “I do” you’re looking for, but they’re sturdy enough (and replaceable) that you can take them anywhere.

You might be thinking, “Okay, I’ll buy a cheaper ring for these occasions. I don’t mind it taking a little hit.” You can do that, but it won’t beat silicone. Also, some engagement rings are made of softer materials that perform worse in water than harder, more expensive materials. However, there are some affordable engagement rings made from high-quality materials to choose from. Just make sure you know that the ring you buy will withstand the elements well.

How to wear a ring at the beach

The first thing you should notice is that your fingers will shrink in the cold. What does this mean to you? If you plan to jump into a polar bear, leave the ring behind. If your engagement ring is on the looser side, those cold, contracted fingers will spell disaster.

Cold water and jewelry don’t mix well, so be aware of that. This problem aside, salt water is no friend to your jewelry and will do some damage to it. Repeated exposure will definitely shorten the lifespan and luster of the ring, even if it doesn’t cause serious damage.

You can wear your engagement ring on the beach if you’re not in the water, but it’s still not the best idea. While sand probably won’t do any serious damage to your ring, it won’t do any good. Your best bet is to either be very careful or leave it at home. Surgical gloves may also be useful.

How to wear a ring in the pool

While the same rules about cold water apply here, your stakes aren’t high. Suppose you dropped your ring in a swimming pool. It’s nerve-wracking for a second, but you’ll most likely be able to get it back. Having said that, we still strongly recommend that you do not take your ring to the pool.

Unlike the beach, you can sit poolside with your ring on. Maybe don’t wave like crazy if your ring is a little loose, but that’s probably just generally good advice. Note that you should always remove your ring before applying sunscreen, whether by the pool or at the beach.

Other considerations

It’s an unfortunate fact that you have to be mindful of your possessions when you’re at the beach or pool. If you carry your ring with you and decide to remove it, you must always know where it is. It could be stolen or even lost along the way. If you have some specific, identifiable characteristics, such as an inscription, it’s easier to find your ring and prove it’s actually yours.

Your best bet (other than leaving it at home) is to put it in a ring box and lock it in your glove box or other car storage area.

How to clean your ring

Cleaning your ring is a good habit to maximize its luster and longevity no matter what. However, if you do take your ring to the beach or pool, make sure it’s clean. If your ring took a little hit in some salt water and sand, you might want to consider taking it to a professional for cleaning.

Photo by Wilson SΓ‘nchez on Unsplash

You can remember all the dos and don’ts of taking your engagement ring to the pool and beach. Alternatively, you can leave it at home. We know it looks good. We know you never want to take it off. Do yourself a favor and leave it in the afternoon. When you come back, it will still be there safe, intact, and sand-free.

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