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DIY Chocolate Minion Oreo Dessert Recipe

DIY Chocolate Minion Oreo Dessert Recipe

Make your own edible Minions with this easy DIY Chocolate Minion Oreo Dessert recipe. Are you obsessed with minions as much as I am! πŸ™‚

These DIY Mini Minion Cake Pops recipes are perfect for kids and Minion themed parties. Minions are cute, fun and adorable, and you can crochet some Minions with these amazing free Minion crochet patterns! They’re yellow, they love bananas, they glow in the dark, these cute yellow people will make you laugh while you learn more life lessons from them. Despicable Me is one of our family’s favorite movies. This Minion Oreo by Renee Corner is just too cute! I love all the easy dessert DIY ideas that don’t require high baking skills, especially the ones that are cute enough! But I’d love to swap Oreos for other favorite cookies, cakes, or even fruit. They’re super quick and easy to assemble for an adorable Minion themed party, gift, or just a special snack or dessert.

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