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DIY Lace Painted Furniture


DIY Lace Painted Furniture


DIY Lace Painted Furniture, it’s awesome to transform old furniture with lace and spray paint, it’s easy and most importantly find a lace pattern you like! Some of us are huge lace fans and I have some doily projects for previous home decor where you can soak doilies in cement to create a unique and characterful home or garden pot decoration. If you have an old piece of furniture that needs a new look? Grab some lace and try this! This amazing technique can be used in a variety of projects and can be changed to fit any style! Perfect for vanity makeovers, coffee tables, and even accent walls!

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  • old furniture
  • lace
  • spray paint


  1. Place a strip of lace on top of the drawer.
  2. Spray paint on it and let it dry a bit.
  3. Remove the lace from the drop-in dresser drawer, let it dry a bit more, and reinsert it into the furniture.

To learn more about detailed lace painting designs, check out the following originals:

Kelsey Johnson – Lace Dresser

If spray painting is more your thing, this video from Refreshbelow will show you how to apply a lace decal to a piece of painted furniture.

How To Magically Repair Furniture Finishes Tutorial

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