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DIY paper Christmas lantern decorations


DIY paper Christmas lantern decorations

Looking for a fun and simple Christmas craft? Paper Christmas lanterns are inexpensive and easy to make decorations that can add a festive atmosphere to your home. They are also very suitable for kids because they can be made with minimal adult supervision. This is a perfect project for those who want to get into the spirit of the holiday but don’t have much time or money! Make one today and enjoy the whole season!

Paper christmas lantern

When it comes to making Christmas decorations, you want to include this paper Christmas lantern. I am making this lantern in the form of small ornaments, but if you want to place them around miniature houses or for train village decoration, you can enlarge them for shelf decoration or reduce them.

Children can make these lanterns for friends and family to admire. If you have a kid who likes to play with figurines, these lanterns can be used as part of their pretend game because their characters are distributed in their own “village” or play area.

If you want to provide more creativity for kids, paper straw mini Christmas tree decorations are the perfect complement to your Christmas tree, and they are also fun to make. These paper Christmas tree decorations are also very suitable for assembly and look rustic and unique.

What is the best paper for this purpose?

You can use any type of strong paper. I like to use things like cardstock, foam paper, or poster boards. Another idea is to use your painted cardboard to give it a decorative look.

Hard felt paper is another option. This felt is a combination of thick cardstock and decorative or glitter felt on the other side. Any type of paper can be used as long as it is rigid enough to maintain its shape when supported to prevent the wall from collapsing.

Of course, if you don’t mind it’s a bit fragile, you can also do this with scrapbook paper or construction paper. It’s just not that good-looking and formal.

What candle can I use?

The candlelight dazzled this paper Christmas lantern. Whether metaphorically or literally. But since this is made of paper, you want to make sure you only use LED candle lights. These lights look like candles but are powered by batteries. These are touch safe, paper safe, and won’t get hot. Since it does not have a base, if you wish to use the lantern as a lighting option, you need to place the lantern on top of one of the candles.

What do I use to make “glass”?

You want to use something for “glass” that allows light to pass through. I would recommend things like plastic wrapping paper or wax paper. Kraft paper, a kind of scrapbook paper, can also play a role in a critical moment. It is not as transparent as other ideas, but it allows light to shine in a diffuse manner.

You can even cut out a transparent file folder to replace wax paper. No matter what you use, if possible, it should be mostly clear or transparent. Of course, you can leave it on the window without adding anything, and let it open as if there are windows, even if they don’t.

Can I enlarge it?

It is easy to make this paper Christmas lantern bigger. You only need to enlarge each part. They also sell larger LED candles, so you can let light through windows similar to smaller versions. You can use larger lanterns around the house as decorations on the shelves or the mantle.

What other ways can I decorate this lantern?

The easiest way to decorate this paper lantern is to replace the external paper you use. Whether you use red, blue, silver or gold, this will create a different look for every house you make. Of course, you can also add different things on the outside of the house. Here are some of my ideas for adding more decorations to the lantern.

  • Put fake snow or snowflake stickers on the outside of the lantern.
  • Put a snowman on the side and even put a Santa sticker on the roof.
  • Add more ribbons or twine around the windows as “curtains”.

There are many simple ideas for decorating this lantern. Just use your imagination and make it a fun way to create unique custom decorations for your tree.

Supplies needed

How to make a paper Christmas lantern

On the back of the red foam paper, measure out 5 pieces of 3 inches x 2 inches. Cut these out and set aside.

On the 4 squares, use a ruler to draw a line diagonally on the back to divide it into 4 triangular spaces.

In each triangle on the back of these works, draw a slightly smaller triangle.

Then use a craft knife to cut out smaller triangles and flip them to the front of the foam paper. This will give you a “window glass” appearance.

Measure and cut out 4 2-inch wide triangles to match the top of the window.

On a piece of plastic or wax paper, place four window panes and glue them in place. Then cut them out so that they have a clear window.

Now, glue each one together to form a box with open ends and windows on all four sides.

Glue the triangles to the top of the box, at an angle to each other to form a spire.

Cut and make a loop of twine, then glue it to the top of the lantern.

Glue small pieces of holiday greenery or berries around the roof of the lantern.

Now you can hang it on your holiday tree!

More holiday decoration ideas

If you are looking for more holiday decoration ideas, please check the list below. Christmas is our favorite time of the year. Some interesting and unique things must be made to hang on the tree or decorate the mantle. Make sure you bookmark these ideas, pin them on your holiday Pinterest board, or print out the tutorial for use as soon as possible.

Yield: 1

Use some supplies to make a classic paper Christmas lantern, use it as an ornament or simply put it on the mantle as part of holiday decorations!

Activity time
30 minutes

total time
30 minutes


Estimated cost


Make a larger version and sit on the mantle as a lamp on a dark winter night.

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Gallery of completed projects

Add a colorful festive ribbon to the top for hanging instead of twine.

I like the idea of ​​spraying fake snow on the bottom of the lantern to get a more rustic look.

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