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White Acorn Hat Miniature Christmas Tree Decoration


White Acorn Hat Miniature Christmas Tree Decoration

Looking for a fun, simple and festive DIY project this Christmas? Check out this acorn hat miniature Christmas tree idea! This cute little tree is perfect for people who want to bring some Christmas merry to their home without spending hours (or days!) on complicated decorations. The mini tree is a great addition to your holiday decoration, and it is very simple to make, and the best part is that it is almost free!

Acorn hat miniature Christmas tree

This DIY mini Christmas tree craft is simple to make and looks cute. This is a great way to get into the festive atmosphere. Since it is made only with paper, glue, acorn caps and a little paint, almost anyone can make something at a reasonable price. Go out and start collecting some acorns and turn it into a fun new project!

The mini tree may just be a small obsession of mine, which is why it is so popular. I have done a lot in the past, including this very beautiful gold ring decorated mini Christmas tree and this simple and elegant upgraded sweater mini Christmas tree. Now you can add this for a rustic charm!

What can I use instead of an acorn hat?

The reason this craft is so special is that you use natural elements. When you make this miniature Christmas tree and don’t want to use acorns, you can also use any other natural elements. You want to make sure that the thing you use is flat or round on one side. Otherwise, these items will not be easily glued in place to form a tree.

I like the idea of ​​using any nut shell, such as pecan shell, walnut shell, peanut shell or pistachio shell. We even made a great mini Christmas tree with pistachio shells in the past. Pine cones are another option that looks great. You can break the scales and glue them in place, even the whole small pine cones can work.

Can I decorate it in different ways?

There are many ways to decorate this tree in different ways. As with all our ideas, customizing them is the best part of the project! Here are some of my personal favorite ideas, you can easily incorporate them into this year’s creation.

  • The main way to change the decoration is to change the color. You can paint the tree green, or you can use another color, such as blue. I like the combination of blue and silver, it is very popular. Of course, you can choose many color combinations for this tree.
  • You can add fake snow on the Christmas tree. Use snow spray, cotton wool, pillow wool, or even glue and white or silver glitter.
  • Puffballs or pompoms can be glued to the tree to create the appearance of Christmas balls.
  • You can add sequins to look like lights on a tree.
  • The beads can be strung together with string and then wrapped around the tree to look more like a garland or lamp.
  • Add trinkets or miniature bells to replace decorations.
  • You can also use garlands, tinsel or ribbons to decorate this tree!

Be creative and have fun to make this tree truly unique to you and your family.

Where should I display this mini tree?

This mini tree is easy to display around the house. Place the miniature Christmas tree on the mantle by the fireplace or on the shelves around the house. You can also use this mini tree as part of the Christmas Village. If you plan to use this tree as part of the village, make sure there is a little space between each project. This will help create the appearance of a village.

This tree can also be displayed outdoors. Since the bottom of the tree is not weather-safe, you need to make sure that the tree is not affected by the weather, such as on the porch near the house. Or, you can use a plastic base instead of paper to make tree cones, which makes the weather safer.

What paint should I use on fake Christmas tree decorations?

One of the easiest ways to paint acorns decorated with fake Christmas trees is spray paint. Spraying the acorns is the fastest method because you can get all the acorns at once without having to scrub or sponge each acorn. Of course, if you want, you can use any craft paint. I only know that water-based paint will not stick to acorns very well.

Supplies needed

How to make an acorn hat miniature Christmas tree decoration

Cut a piece of white paper into a triangle with a curve at the bottom.

Roll the paper into a cone and fix it with glue or tape.

Starting from the bottom of the cone, begin to glue the acorn caps around the tree.

Glue them side by side in a row and move them up to create rows of acorns.

After reaching the top and covering the cones, spray the entire tree white and set it aside to dry.

After the paint is dry, glue the fake snowflakes or stars to the top of the tree.

Then fill the gaps between the acorns with white pompoms or beads.

If needed, add additional decorations and display them on your mantle.

More mini Christmas trees

If you want to add more magic to your holiday decorations, then the miniature Christmas tree is your best choice. I have made dozens of them over the years, and here are a few of my personal favorites. Make sure to bookmark them, print tutorials, or pin them to Pinterest to make them as quickly as possible!

Yield: 1

Use natural elements and upgraded items to make your own miniature Christmas tree with acorn hats to add fun and festive atmosphere to your decorations!

Activity time
15 minutes

Extra time
30 minutes

total time
45 minutes


Estimated cost


Update your tree with pompoms of different colors and make it pop.

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Gallery of completed projects

Spray the tree with green paint, then decorate it with colored pompoms to make the tree look more natural!

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