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DIY Portable Tin Can Rocket Stove


DIY Portable Tin Can Rocket Stove

Will you bring or make this Can Rocket Stove on your next camping trip? This easy DIY stove is made up of pots of different sizes and is lightweight. It’s cost effective and everyone should increase their emergency supplies. With a handful of twigs and twigs in the wild, you can turn this jar into a stove in minutes, making it a great emergency preparedness project. It’s small enough to take away, but just a few twigs can cook food if needed. While kids can help with this, most of the work needs to be done by adults. Then, once done, they can help gather branches and feed the fire under careful adult supervision. This is definitely something to teach Boy Scouts! You can cook a meal on it or simply light it up for an evening of morels and family time.

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DIY Portable Tin Can Rocket Stove

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