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Funny cane reindeer decorations


Funny cane reindeer decorations

Who is ready to make candy cane mini tree decorations? This is a great holiday project. It’s easy to make and looks really cute! Children will like to hang these cute decorations on their trees. Make it at home with the kids, or use it as part of a school holiday party. You can even let children make them as gifts for their families.

Candy Cane Mini Tree Ornament

Hand-made is a great way to celebrate each season. This mini tree decoration is no exception. This candy cane decoration not only looks cute on the tree, but it is also fun to make. The children use very simple crafting materials to make these decorations for everyone they know. Be sure to include the date on the back so that you know when your child made their cute mini Christmas tree decorations.

In addition, you may also want to make this cute peppermint candy craft stick decoration, or even this rustic twine-wrapped candy cane. Make your whole tree a gorgeous mint theme decoration this year!

What can I use to create the look of a candy cane?

Choose what material to make candy canes look easy. You can use anything from colored paper, felt or even cardboard. Recycling old paint samples is another option for making trees. Even white paper that has been painted or colored can be used.A generation

Just like the sparkle when making these candy cane mini ornaments, but there is no need to use foam paper. If you want, you can check most craft shops and find glitter felt, foam paper or scrapbook paper similar to mine.

If you want to help make this kind of craft take longer, you can let the children design their own paper. They can color or color the white paper. Then they can even add glitter. If you want to make candy canes a little harder, you can glue them to cardboard or brush them with Mod Podge.

What shape do I cut the tree block into?

You want to cut the mini tree ornament into a heart shape. Cut them into various sizes to make the tree look smaller at the top and larger at the bottom. You and the kids can use your hands like me to cut out hearts with a cookie cutter, or use heart-shaped punches of different sizes. These are usually located around scrapbook materials in craft stores, or you can order them online.

Do I have to go with Rudolph?

I think Rudolph added a lovely touch to this mini Christmas tree ornament, but you can add anything you like. Things like classic stars, angels, and even bells look great on them. Of course, you can even leave it as it is and hang it up with a circle of ribbon or twine, without other decorations.

You can also add decorations, sequins and other things to the mini tree decorations. What you add to the tree is entirely up to you or your children. Match all trees or make each tree have its own version. There are many options, which allows you to make a great handicraft with your kids, and they can be proud of themselves making truly unique pieces!

Can children do it?

This is a very interesting handicraft for children. You may want to use scissors to watch children, or you may want to cut out a heart shape for them first. If you want kids to do it themselves, the paper beater is very easy to use for kids.

You also need to make sure that you are using child-safe glue. I recommend using white school glue or white handmade glue. Children should not use hot glue guns because of the risk of injury and burns. However, they may use other non-toxic glues. Or, my favorite option is to use peeling and sticking foam paper so that no glue is needed at all, they just peel off what is needed to stick it to the craft stick before hanging!

Supplies needed

How to make candy cane mini tree decorations

Using a medium-sized cookie cutter, draw a heart on white paper, cut it out, and set it aside.

Do the same for the largest and smallest heart shapes, putting the heart shape aside.

Glue the largest heart, turn it upside down, one point up, about 1 inch from the bottom of the craft bar.

Glue the white heart on that.

Then add the smallest red heart at the top to create a tree with two colors.

Create a loop of twine and tie the ends, then glue it to the top of the craft stick.

Paste the small reindeer or star on the top of the “tree”.

Then, you can write your name, information or year on the exposed part of the craft stick.

Hang it on your Christmas tree!

More interesting Christmas decorations tutorial

Handmade decorations are not necessarily complicated items. They can, in fact, be a fun and simple choice, like this one. I like the results, and I know you will too, but if you want more ideas, you have come to the right place. Below are some of my personal favorites, they will definitely be popular on your tree this year. Make sure you bookmark, pin to Pinterest or print out these tutorials so you can make them as soon as possible!

Yield: 1

Use some craft supplies to make a cute little candy cane reindeer ornament and hang it on the tree! A great idea for kids to help make!

Activity time
10 minutes

total time
10 minutes


Estimated cost


Make it into various sizes to add a unique look to your holiday trees and decorations.

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Hang it on a tree or use it as a gift tag for children’s gifts.

You can even make it bigger and put a pin on the sidewalk in front of you!

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