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How to choose the best villa for your Sicily holiday


How to choose the best villa for your Sicily holiday

How to choose the best villa for your Sicily holiday

If you’re coming up with some ideas for your next vacation, you’ve got a lot of questions on your mind. There are still many decisions to be made, and it doesn’t hurt to plan extensively. Start by making Sicily your dream destination for your next vacation to take your worries away.

Sicily is a fantastic island in southern Italy with many attractions. There is a lot to do on this island of over 5 million inhabitants. The next thing to consider is where you will be staying and what kind of accommodation is available.

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You don’t have to worry at all because Sicily offers different types of accommodation. Well, villas are the first choice of many tourists from abroad and from the Italian mainland who are looking forward to enjoying delicious food, sunny climate and scenery. You just have to figure out how to choose the best villa in Sicily.

Let’s dive into more.

Tips to guide you in choosing the best villa in Sicily

Villas are a huge accommodation attraction in Sicily. However, picking the best one can be overwhelming if you’re visiting the island for the first time. The good news is that the many benefits of a villa should influence your choice. Here are some to get you thinking and choosing the best.

  • The villa is cost-effective and guarantees a better price-performance ratio;
  • the opportunity to dine in the room or outdoors;
  • Enjoy the authentic life and come to Sicily;
  • Impeccable family relaxation;
  • Enjoy your own privacy and relaxation in the garden or in a spacious room;
  • You can even host a barbecue party in the villa.

With that in mind, follow some tips to choose the best villa.


A large part of any vacation will involve exploring your surroundings. To know the local area, you need to get a villa in a great location. The ideal villa close to the beach will offer some of the best attractions on the island.

Sicily has some of the best beaches and a spectacular coastline. The beach is also less crowded and will give you the feel and experience you want.

Beach highlights in the area include:

  • San Vito lo Capo beach in Trapani;
  • Calamos Beach in Syracuse;
  • Mondello Beach in Palermo;
  • Isola Bella beach in Taormina;
  • Sampiri Beach near Ragusa;
  • Saint Leon, near Agrijanpo;
  • Cefalu.

great facilities

Before making any reservations, you must consider the available facilities offered by the villa. The best villas in Sicily should be equipped with high quality and refined facilities.

These amenities will make your vacation memorable and fun. When looking for the best villa, don’t settle for the basics that many hotels offer. A great villa should have the following:

  • private swimming pool;
  • Mediterranean Garden;
  • bathroom facilities;
  • free internet;
  • fully equipped kitchen;
  • heating and air conditioning systems;
  • Sports facilities.

amazing view

Choose a villa set in a typical Sicilian landscape with exciting views. You should feel like you get new sightseeing opportunities from your villa garden every day. Plus, from your villa balcony, you can enjoy breathtaking views of cobblestone streets, rugged coastlines, breathtaking sunsets, hilltop towns and spectacular islands.

Photo by Francesco Frilli from Pexels

in conclusion

Choosing the best villa in Sicily can’t be intimidating if you know where to start. However, if you are choosing a villa for the first time, do your research, seek advice and look around.

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