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How to Get the Best Tan at Home

How to Get the Best Tan at Home


How to Get the Best Tan at Home

Everyone wants a lovely, long-lasting golden tan. Despite the temptation, the only way forward is to slow down and take your time. Rushing without proper knowledge can make all your tanning efforts go down the drain, but a gradual tan will last longer.

So use these 12 top tips to achieve the long-lasting tan you’ve always wanted at home.

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1. Exfoliation

Exfoliating completely is one of the best ways to prepare for a tan. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and reveal new skin underneath.

This new skin is primed to absorb the tan solution evenly and thoroughly. As a result, your tan will be more even and last longer. Your tan will look and last better if your skin feels and looks younger and fresher.

Exfoliating your skin before applying tanning products can also help get rid of these “problem spots.” Pay close attention to your knees, elbows, knuckles, soles of feet, ankles, heels, and elbow joints. Because they are dry, these areas shed skin cells quickly.

2. Drying

It’s so obvious. However, after showering, towel dry your body and wait 10 minutes until completely dry. Leftover moisture on the skin will be a serious problem as it will blot out and dilute the tan, resulting in horrible streaks and blotches. Your skin must be dry.

3. Moisturize before sun exposure

Your skin feels smooth and silky after enhancing your tan with our moisturizer. Apply it all over your body before tanning, paying special attention to any dry spots. This will stop your skin from absorbing too much of your tan, giving you a radiant glow.

Make sure your skin is well hydrated, as tanned skin often clings to dehydrated skin. Moisturize daily throughout the week. Then, 2 to 3 hours before tanning, moisturize dry areas including elbows, knees, ankles, feet and hands.

Also, you can try some of the best Korean vitamin C serums for healthy and glowing skin.

How to Apply Self-Tanning

1. Choose the right product for the first time.

Use a product that has a reference color so you can see where to put it. You can also try a gradual tan, which will darken your skin tone over time.

2. Use tanning gloves

Always use applicator gloves when applying your tan for a beautiful, streak-free tan and smudge-free hands. It will help evenly distribute and blend your tan, ensuring a flawless finish every time.

3. Start at the bottom of your body.

It’s always easier to tan your calves first, ankle up to your knees, than your thighs, then your way up, and finally your hands.

The rest of the body is simple. Apply liberally to lower back, stomach, breast area, shoulders, thighs and buttocks. Blend on neck or area where you have finished facial tan.

Next, flip the glove over and extend it over each shoulder for a bronzed back. Tan, each arm ends at the wrist, the back of the neck, the sides of the body, and even the underarm. Afterwards, apply any remaining product to the glove and blend between the fingers and between the wrists.

4. Check the tan of the joint.

One of the worst mistakes you can make when tanning at home is failing to pay special attention to certain areas after application.

After applying your tan, always dab knuckles, knees, and backs of hands with a damp washcloth or paper towel for the most natural look. If you don’t pat them on afterwards, darker fades may be due to drier skin in these areas.

5. Cover up your mistakes

So you’re a little too enthusiastic with the foam. it happened! Bugs and stains can be removed in a relaxing bath. To lighten the tone, you can also steam in the sauna.

6. Avoid tanning before bed.

You’ll want to avoid showering and exercising, as it takes six to eight hours for the color to fully develop. Also, if you use a tanning product with a guide color, the residue may appear green on your linens. The ideal is to exfoliate in the shower the night before and get a tan the next morning.

Finally, wear loose or casual clothing as you finish your day’s errands.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

Extra reminder

1. Hair removal

One of the most important but sometimes forgotten tanning tips is to make sure all body hair is removed at least 24 hours before tanning. Self-tanning products can settle into those loose pores, resulting in dark spots and an uneven finish.

2. Diet

Your diet can affect the way you tan. Eating some veggies has been proven to help prepare your skin from the inside out. Some vegetables include lycopene and beta-carotene, which can boost your skin’s UV protection by triggering melanin production! They’ll give you more orange, so be sure to eat more carrots and tomatoes.

If you don’t eat a lot of vegetables, Imedene supplements can help you get summer-ready skin from the inside out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a fake tan?

Tan products contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which reacts with the top layer of skin, changing its color.

How long does a fake tan last?

A high-quality spray tan can last up to a week, but this depends on your skincare routine and the tanning products you choose.

Is it okay to moisturize after a fake tan?

Avoid moisturizing after the first shower, which should be at least 8 hours after tanning, but no more than 24 hours.

What would happen if you wore a fake tan in the sun?

A fake tan doesn’t stop you from getting a natural tan, it just acts as an extra layer between your skin and the sun so the sun’s rays aren’t as harsh.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

the bottom line

The key is to keep your gorgeous bronzer glow even and long-lasting once you’ve achieved it. We recommend moisturizing frequently and gently exfoliating every two to three days. If you do this, your tan will last up to 10 days.

Removes any tan marks and prepares the skin for a new tan. Using a makeup remover mousse and/or a tan remover mitt is the quickest and easiest way.

Plus, once you’ve gotten your tan this summer, now’s the time to make sure your skin is healthy and glowing. For the best advice, check out our guide on How to take care of sensitive skin? Before you jump to the next site, we assure you it’s packed with all the tips you can quickly implement in your daily skincare routine.

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