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Rustic Wine Cork Reindeer Christmas Decorations


Rustic Wine Cork Reindeer Christmas Decorations

Wine cork reindeer is the perfect complement to any holiday tree, party decoration needs or unique gift ideas. They will add some festive atmosphere to your bookshelves, mantle and even tables. These lovely upgraded wine corks are both cute and fun to make. In addition, they have a unique rustic appearance, adding a little externality to the interior!

Wine Cork Reindeer Christmas Ornament

Did you know that wine cork reindeer used to be a thing? They were all the rage in the 90s! There is a company that still produces cork reindeer, but you don’t need to buy them, you can use this simple tutorial to make them!

This is an interesting DIY decoration that can be completed in about 10 minutes. It only requires wine bottle stoppers, beads, pipe cleaners and hot glue. You can also use different materials to make antlers, such as yarn or pipe cleaners. This is a great way to recycle old wine corks while blending into the festive atmosphere!

If reindeer is something you really love and want to add more elements to your holiday decorations, we have other great ideas to check out! These cinnamon stick reindeer ornaments are absolutely precious. You can also make reindeer ball decorations, or even just make this cute burlap reindeer Christmas wreath. As part of the Christmas decorations this year, all of these look great!

If I don’t drink wine, where can I buy cork stoppers?

Wine cork reindeer is a great way to recycle old wine corks, otherwise these corks may end up in landfills. If you don’t drink, you can still do this craft. If you want to get a free wine cork, you can ask a friend or even your local bar. Sometimes they keep them and give them away for free. Another idea is to go to a local liquor store. They often give away the corks they used for free. It is likely that they will have a lot of corks left during the bottling season, so this is a win-win for everyone.

You can also buy wine corks. Large handicraft stores sell them like other online retailers. Places like Amazon and Wal-Mart are your easiest options. From time to time I see wine corks sold by dollar chains.

What can I use to make reindeer antlers and legs?

I use small sticks and branches to make antlers and legs. I think it is the easiest because I can go outside to find them. If you don’t have a stick available, you can also use a thin pin.

If you don’t have enough sticks, pipe cleaners will be used for antlers, but they will not keep the reindeer in a standing position. Choose something strong enough to support the weight of the cork while standing.

Can I customize my reindeer in different ways?

Yes! Your reindeer must be turned into a truly unique decoration! This is just a basic idea, but it’s not the only way you can make these!

  • If needed, you can use different materials to make antlers, such as yarn or pipe cleaners.
  • You can add elements such as scarves and bells to your neck. This is a great way to personalize your reindeer and make it more unique.
  • You can also paint the reindeer any color you want. I have seen some painted in silver or even gold! You can use this process for simple or very detailed operations. It’s all up to you!
  • I use small black beads on the eyes of my bottle stopper reindeer, but you can use whatever you like. Another option is that you can even use small eyes to make the reindeer look more playful.
  • You can also use fabric, felt, ribbon or raffia on the reindeer instead of the pipe cleaner for the scarf.

Just use your imagination and enjoy this project. This is also a great way to do fun things with your kids!

What is the best way to hang these on my tree?

You can use wires to connect the reindeer to your tree. Before twisting the ends together, it is best to wrap the wires around the antlers and trees. You can also use the rope, twine or even ribbon you already have on hand, or you can use the traditional decorative hooks fixed in the cork for hanging.

Supplies needed

How to make wine cork reindeer decorations

Cut off 1/4 of the cork to make it shorter than the other cork.

Using a screwdriver or similar pointed tip, dig a hole in the center side of the cork. This is to stick the “head” in and insert the branches.

Insert a short branch of 1/2-1 inch into the hole. If necessary, you can add glue to fix it.

Push the thumbtack down into the cork from above, on the side without the stick. Place them on the ends to create eyes.

Glue or stick a red pompon on the end under the eyes.

Use a screwdriver to poke two holes in the top back of the cork.

Glue or glue two branches with “branches” in these holes to form antlers.

On the entire cork, use a screwdriver to make 4 holes, two on each side, to create a place to stick the other branches as the legs.

Push branches into each hole to create legs.

On the top of the cork of the reindeer’s body, make a hole at the top of the front, and then insert the wooden stick at the bottom of the head into this hole to create the appearance of the entire body.

Cut and tie/twist a piece of pipe cleaner around the “neck” as a scarf.

Hang on the tree, and glue a piece of ribbon or twine on the cork.

More Reindeer Christmas Crafts

Rudolph and reindeer are generally popular at Christmas! We have many ideas to share with you, here are more ideas that I like to see on the tree or as part of the holiday decoration every year. Add these ideas to your own tree or share with friends and family. You can bookmark these, print tutorials, or just pin them to your favorite Pinterest board for holiday making!

Yield: 1

Just use some upgraded items and glue to make wine cork reindeer Christmas decorations or decorations! Provide a great idea for your holiday party!

Activity time
10 minutes

total time
10 minutes


Estimated cost


If needed, glue can be used to fix any or all parts of the reindeer.

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