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Rustic wood chip snowman winter decoration


Rustic wood chip snowman winter decoration

Making a wood chip snowman for your holiday decoration is such a simple and cute idea. This is the perfect snowman decoration in your home this holiday season. I like to do this with kids to create new holiday memories, even as gifts for teachers, grandparents or friends. Customize your snowman to suit your style and make it an interesting addition to your regular holiday decorations!

Wood chip snowman

I like this simple wood chip snowman. Using a few tree wheels, these snowmen are easy to make and look cute around the house. Whether you make one just to put it on a shelf, or make a few to decorate the house, you will have a unique and lovely decoration. No two pieces of wood are the same, which means your snowman will not be like anyone else!

I like the snowman as part of the holiday decoration theme. This year you can add a lot of snowmen from this wood chip snowman to the flowerpot snowman on the front porch, or even this tin can snowman on your mantle. Add some fake snow around them to make your home a little cooler outdoors!

Where can I get wood chips?

If you cut down a tree with branches, you can easily cut your own tree. To be honest, cutting a branch from one of your trees is the easiest way to get wood chips. Just use a chainsaw to cut the branches into small round pieces to make a snowman.

If there are no usable branches around you, you can also buy wood chips. Craft shops and local hobby shops are the easiest way to find wood chips. You can also buy them on Amazon. Sometimes large stores like Wal-Mart sell processed wood chips. I’ve even seen others cut in large quantities from their own backyard on Etsy.

How should I make my snowman’s face?

The face of the wood chip snowman is the cutest. If you want to use the easiest way to make a face, you can use a black paint pen or a permanent marker. If you are more artistic, you can also use some acrylic craft paint in this project. Attention to detail can give your snowman a truly unique personality, with just a few small changes to the paint.

If you are not good at freehand drawing or painting, here are some other ideas that are great for creating unique looking snowman faces.

  • Use templates to draw or draw features on wood chips.
  • Cut out pieces of foam paper in the shape of eyes, mouth, and nose. I like those with sticky backing, so they just peel off and stick to the wood.
  • Use stickers of eyes, mouth and nose or carrots to create the appearance of a snowman.
  • Replace the eyes with slimy eyes to make the snowman look more peculiar.
  • Use scraps of cloth or felt you already have on hand.

Just use your imagination to give your snowmen an interesting personality, just make some changes to their faces!

How to customize my wood chip snowman?

There are many ways to customize this snowman. It’s all about using what you already have, and some of your natural creativity. Here are some other ideas.

  • You can easily change his hat. Use something other than wood chips to make his hat. You can also paint the hat black.
  • Add weapons. Use branches for his arms. Use another branch and some pine needles to make a broom in his hand.
  • Paint him white. Now he looks natural, but you can paint him pure white, or you can paint the wood to make it look different.
  • Add holly. You can add holiness to his hat, scarf or his hands.
  • Wipe your nose with a stick. Cut or break a small piece of branch and stick it on the face of the wood chip snowman.
  • If you have experience, you can use a wood burner to add details to the snowman’s face and body.

Can I hang it on my tree?

This wood chip snowman is really heavy. As an ornament on the tree, it looks great. However, you will need a very strong and durable hook to hang it from the tree. You also need very small wood chips to make it hang.

The best way to display the snowman is on your shelf or on the mantle. It also looks cute around Christmas Village or Train Village. Because it is made of wood, it can be left outside, but you will want to use a different thing as a scarf to make sure it does not get moldy or mildew.

Supplies needed

How to make a wood chip snowman

If necessary, saw off the bottom of one of the larger pieces of wood by 1/2 inch to make the bottom level.

Glue a medium-sized wood chip on top of the larger flat-bottomed wood chip to create the snowman’s body.

Draw and fill 3 circles at the bottom along the center to create a “button”.

Then, create a face by drawing 2 circles for the eyes and filling them with a black marker. Then draw a smile under the eyes.

And use an orange marker to add a small carrot-shaped nose.

Cut out a section of green holiday-themed ribbon and tie it in the middle of the “neck” to make a scarf.

Glue a small piece of branch to the wood chip to form a hat shape.

Then, glue this hat on the top of the snowman’s head.

Now you can add additional decorations or display them on your mantle!

More snowman decorations

There are definitely more ideas to add snowmen to your holiday decorations. Here are some great ideas you can make and add to this year’s holiday and winter decorations. Make sure to bookmark the tutorials, print the tutorials, or pin them to the holiday-themed Pinterest board.

Yield: 1

Making this rustic wood chip snowman is the perfect winter or Christmas decoration, suitable for rustic chic style! Easy to make wood products, everyone will be amazed at your holiday table!

Activity time
20 minutes

total time
20 minutes


Estimated cost


If you want it to look more like a traditional snowman, paint the wood chips white.

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