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Rustic miniature Rudolph wreath ornament


Rustic miniature Rudolph wreath ornament


Christmas is coming, it’s time to start making. This Rudolph garland decoration technique is a great way to blend into the festive atmosphere! It’s easy, fun and festive. You can make one for yourself, or you can give them as gifts to your friends and family. Add some fake berries, a little greenery or some fake snow to make them truly unique.

Rudolph wreath ornament

I like to make simple ideas, don’t spend a lot of time, and use simple materials that you may already have on hand. Use this wreath decoration design and make it your own. Make decorations for your tree, make them as gifts or add them to gifts as decorative elements.

If you particularly like reindeer or Rudolph, check out this little classic cinnamon stick Rudolph idea. The kids love this. In addition, you can also make this Rudolph Christmas wreath, or even the classic clothespin reindeer that we made when we were young!

What can I use as a base ring for decorations?

The best part of this wreath ornament is that you can use anything as a base. Although I use a basic Styrofoam ring, any type of ring can be used. You can use the shower curtain ring, which is very easy to find in your own home, or very cheap on the local dollar tree.

Other options include wooden craft rings, metal rings (such as the lid of a mason jar), or even a piece of cardboard that you cut into a circle. The choices are limitless-get creative and use your imagination!

Do I have to add Rudolph to my decorations?

The Rudolph added to the wreath decoration is a small wooden ornament. Similar can be found in craft shops. You can use similar things, such as other Rudolph designs, or you can use completely different things, such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees, or other Christmas or winter designs. If you don’t want to add small elements, you can skip it altogether. This is just an interesting addition to make it different from other garland ornaments.

Can I wrap it with ribbon?

You don’t need to wrap this wreath ornament with twine. Anything you have on hand can be used, including the ribbon. Here are some ideas that are great for making ring covers.

  • Ribbon
  • Raffia
  • rope
  • yarn
  • Thick line
  • Lace ribbon
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Solid color or pattern washi tape
  • Felt or fabric strips

Be creative and wrap your own garland with any number of fabrics, ribbons or similar items to create a unique garland with a new look. I like country-style twine, but you can easily customize it to match your other decorations with different items.

Can i make this with my kid

This garland ornament is a great idea to make with children. Even very young children can make such decorations. As an additional reward, this opponent/eye coordination ability and small motor skills are very useful.

The only thing to worry about is the glue problem. Although hot glue is my first choice, you can use any craft glue for this wreath. Even children’s school glue like Elmer’s glue is suitable for most of these elements.

If you use white craft glue, just know that it takes longer to dry, and it may not be as strong when used year after year. Make sure to let the wreath dry before touching it again. In addition, to keep the pieces safe, use pressure until the pieces are in place and the glue has a chance to try.

Supplies needed

How to make Rudolph wreath decorations

Glue the end of the twine to the styrofoam ring, and then start winding it around the ring.

Add glue every few inches to hold it in place until it is completely wrapped and no styrofoam shows up.

Glue the reindeer figure, holiday greenery and berries to the top of the hanger.

Cut a shorter piece of ribbon or twine to make a loop, and then hang it on the loop with glue or tie it.

Now you can add any other decorations or spray fake snow and hang them on your holiday tree!

Simpler Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is definitely a fun time to make handmade, making homemade decorations is my favorite. Here are some classics and some interesting unique new options that are creative and look great on your holiday tree this year. Bookmark these tutorials, print them out and archive them, and even pin them to Pinterest for use as soon as possible!

Yield: 1

This cute miniature Rudolph garland ornament is a great addition to any holiday tree! A super cute idea, very suitable for making with kids!

Activity time
25 minutes

total time
25 minutes


Estimated cost


Add any stickers or figurines to the top of this mini wreath to create a unique look.

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You can make any size according to the items on hand. It can even be made bigger and hung on your front door!

If it is difficult to find holiday selections, choose some beads instead of berries.

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