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Sensitive Skin Hideout: 5 Must


Sensitive Skin Hideout: 5 Must-Have In Your Makeup Kit


Sensitive Skin Hideout: 5 Must-Have In Your Makeup Kit

Members of the Sensitive Skin Club understand the struggle of hearing about a great skin care product only to discover that it can cause your skin to break out. Those people wouldn’t choose to be born with it, they would get rid of it if they could.

Having sensitive skin means you need to be constantly aware of which products you allow to touch your skin. There’s nothing worse than waking up with inflamed skin the next morning after you’ve used a popular product that others have complimented on.

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If you suffer from skin allergies, you’ve probably come across quite a few makeup products that don’t match your skin, no matter how much you wish they didn’t.

Fortunately, having sensitive skin doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup. You may need to be more careful about the products you use, but there are makeup for you out there.

Makeup Essentials for Sensitive Skin

Everyone’s constitution is different, and skin sensitivity also varies from person to person. It can have problems with dry skin, sensitivity to chemicals, sensitivity to sunlight, skin allergies, or reactions to specific substances. Bad practice can harm your skin, especially for those with sensitivities.

Subsequently, it’s important to understand that finding a product that works for your skin can take a lot of experimentation. For example, you may still have a reaction to a hypoallergenic product, which means you need to try other products.

That said, your makeup bag contains a few things that might help you:

1. Sunscreen

SPF is essential to any skincare regimen, especially if you’re battling sensitive skin. Applying sunscreen before makeup can help protect your skin from sun damage and damage. It may help prevent any further damage to already manifested skin.

Choosing a good sunscreen from the many options can be tricky. Sunscreen lotion can ruin your makeup. If this is an issue, consider trying a safe powdered sunscreen.

2. Select the composition brush

Makeup brushes are standard in the kit. You may not know that some brushes can cause allergic reactions. Bristles made from animal hair are popular. Unfortunately, transitioning to brushes doesn’t eliminate the possibility of animal allergies. Animal brushes can be the cause of skin irritation, itching, or a rash.

If you suspect animal-hair brushes are irritating your skin, synthetic brushes, especially those labeled hypoallergenic, are a must-have in your kit.

3. A mild pre-cleaner

Prepping your skin before applying makeup can make all the difference. Including a variety of cleansers with different properties helps customize your makeup kit to your sensitivity needs.

Choosing which cleaner to use should depend on a variety of conditions. For example, oil-based cleaners may be more appropriate during the dry season. There is no one solution that works for everyone. This is one of those things that can take some trial and error before you find something that works.

Remember, your skin naturally produces the oil it needs. For most people with sensitive skin, any cleanser that removes the skin’s natural oils is the path to irritation.

4. Soothing and moisturizing

Moisturizing is the key to maintaining healthy skin. If you’re going to wear makeup, be sure to use a good moisturizer. People are often unaware of the amount of chemicals that most commercial brands put into their products. These chemicals can adversely affect sensitive skin.

Natural and organic moisturizers with soothing ingredients may be your best bet. A good example is any moisturizer with ingredients like mango butter and shea butter. Be sure to check the ingredients before applying for the first time. Testing on a small area is a good way to tell if your skin is likely to have an adverse reaction. A great way to know exactly what’s in your moisturizer is to make it yourself.

5. Sensitive skin cream

Despite your preparation and precautions, there is always a risk of skin irritation with makeup. Regular makeup is bound to affect your skin at some point.

Prepare for this by investing in a quality cream that heals sensitive skin. This is separate from the moisturiser mentioned in the previous point. This cream should be specially made to treat the skin problem you are experiencing. Include it in your makeup bag and apply it before bed or any other time you don’t wear makeup and feel you need it.

You can do trial and error, look around for a cream with a specific quality, or visit a dermatologist for advice or a prescription.

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in conclusion

Sensitive skin can be inconvenient, but that doesn’t necessarily stop you from using your favorite makeup. All you need to do is pay special attention to what’s in your makeup bag. Give your skin a makeup bag with the five essentials listed here.

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