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Style tips that will make you stand out from the crowd


Style tips that will make you stand out from the crowd


Style tips that will make you stand out from the crowd

Trends change so fast these days, you can barely keep up with them. A new piece or style barely gets the spotlight until it has passed its prime. That means a lot of people feel like they’ve been running around trying to get work that quickly disappears from shelves but will be out of date in three months at the most.

It’s not a responsible way to spend money, you’ll just end up with a wardrobe full of items you don’t necessarily like and can’t be combined into new outfits (because trends are so random, no one can predict exactly what the next craze will be ). Also, you may find yourself dealing with a lot of debt, which is not what you want to experience.

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

The solution is that you can employ a variety of strategies to create your own unique style that will help you stand out from the crowd and impress others.

1. Reduce and reuse

If you open your closet door and sigh thinking you have nothing to wear, even though you have barely any free space, rest assured that you are not the only one. Research carried out in the UK shows that the average person has around Β£200 (equivalent to about C$312) of clothes in their wardrobes, but they never wear them.

The reason is that many people do not buy clothes based on rational decisions. In many cases, respondents admitted to buying clothes they wanted to wear after losing weight.

While this mood is great, it’s also an unrealistic expectation and more likely to delay your weight loss progress because buying clothes makes your brain feel like it’s achieved something concrete and there’s no reason to stick with it.

The solution to this problem is to reduce the amount of clothing you buy and become a more conscious buyer. You should limit your purchases to those you need or really like and know you’ll wear.

Forcing clothes to buy because someone you like or admire is wearing similar clothes or because you see a trend on social media is not a good idea for your wallet or the environment (because you don’t like the dress, it may end It was soon thrown into the garbage heap, adding to the growing pile of waste in the landfill).

This also allows you to rediscover clothes you already own and find new and creative ways to pair them together to create new outfits. With a few simple tweaks, it’s easy to give old pieces a brand’s unique vibe.

Roll up the long sleeves on tops or jackets (it will give a special effect, especially if it has some kind of different pattern inside), knotted shirts to define your waistline and don’t worry about it going crazy.

You can create color blocks by mixing different textures or shading schemes that are not traditionally mixed and matched. In making these choices, you guarantee that you’ll never find yourself in the same outfit as a hundred people just because you’re adding your personal touch.

2. Buy quality over quantity

When you decide your style and the direction of your clothes, you climb a step from being a buyer to becoming a clothes collector, just like some people collect comic books or embossing.

This means that you’re likely to like your clothes more and more and want to keep them in good condition for as long as possible. The solution to this problem is not to avoid wearing them, but to buy quality rather than quantity.

Higher-quality clothes hold their shape longer and their colors stay vibrant even after multiple washes. The fabric will feel comfortable on your body and fit your body type. Since they look prettier, higher quality clothes look almost new and will make you look like a fashion icon.

And because what you wear outside isn’t the only thing that matters, you’ll also want to buy a set of moisture-wicking pajamas to wear at home. Pajamas are made from a blend of bamboo, cotton, spandex and acrylic that are antibacterial and antifungal, making them perfect for you if you have sensitive skin or are dealing with skin problems.

You can also try vintage shopping. Thrift stores will provide you with a wide range of products that are often more sophisticated than their retail counterparts. You’ll also find unique pieces that, while on par with the latest trends on social media, fit you like a glove and make you feel happy and confident.

Most of the time, the second-hand clothing you buy only exists on one side of the store, so it’s unique. When you buy used, you can also save on the money you spend, sometimes 50% or 80% less than buying new.

3. Declaration

The best way to make a basic outfit look like a million bucks is to add statement pieces. These are garments that stand out from the crowd, usually because of their color, but also because of their fabric or cut. For example, if you’re wearing an all-white or beige monochromatic outfit, you can add a quilted tank top with a bright floral or geometric pattern.

During the cooler months, when the daylight hours are shorter and it’s cold and dull, you can spice up your outfit with a long red fur coat or an orange teddy coat with a large hood, no matter the temperature drops How much will keep you warm.

If you’re looking to minimize the fit, accessories are another way to incorporate personalized pieces into your ensemble. A large necklace or eye-catching earrings can really transform your look. Opt for turquoise or glass beads for a dramatic effect that enhances anything you wear.

You can create eye-catching pieces like pairing a turtleneck sweater with bulky, minimally cut earrings for a neck-lengthening effect.

Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya from Pexels

Finding your own style is a challenge, but avoid the siren call of buying clothes you don’t need or even like that much, but you feel like you have to buy just because it’s trendy right now. But if you avoid temptation and stick to what makes you feel good, you’ll see how beneficial it can be in the long run.

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