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Unique acorn hat glitter Christmas decorations


Unique acorn hat glitter Christmas decorations


If you are looking for a truly unique glitter Christmas decoration, then look no further! Using a combination of simple crafting materials and autumn elements, this acorn hat ornament will become something you like to make and display. Use this cute idea to add your own unique little things to your tree!

Acorn hat glitter jewelry

This acorn hat glitter ornament is perfect for vacation. This is a cute craft that you can enjoy with your kids during this festival of the year! This is an interesting twist on any other type of glitter decoration, and I know you will like it.

Make several such glitter decorations in different colors or as a group of the same color. You can also give these cute accessories as gifts. Children will love to make them and see them displayed on the tree.

If you like sparkling ideas, then you might really like this DIY sparkling decoration idea, or even this plastic bottle snowflake decoration. Both add enough flash to set off the holiday lights!

What do I use as the basis for this decoration?

When making the base of this decoration, you want to make sure that you use a round solid object. I am using the Styrofoam Ball which I like to use because it is easy to find and cheap. Styrofoam is also outstanding in this sparkling Christmas decoration.

You can make your own pulp balls, small plastic balls to stick items on, or even use wooden beads or wooden balls to glue acorns and glitter glue on them before hanging.

How to fix the rope for hanging?

The easiest way to secure twine is to push it into a styrofoam ball. Then you want to make sure it stays tightly in place by adding glue to it. This provides additional support to ensure that the glittering decorations do not fall from the tree.

I also wrapped the fishing line around the ball, and then glued the acorn to the ball to hold it in place. This provides you with a way to hang it with clear lines without distracting ornaments or tree decorations.

Do I have to use flash?

I like glitter and I will use it on everything. However, if flash is not your thing, or you just don’t want to use it, you don’t have to. You need to make sure to fill the gap around the acorn with something.

If you choose to skip the glitter, paint is a good choice to fill the lid and cover the base. Of course, if you are using plastic or wood beads, you need to paint them before installing the acorn caps so that everything is covered.

How to customize my decorations?

This is one of those truly unique ideas that cannot be fully replicated every time, so customizing it is ideal. You can easily change it with different colors or even different ribbons on the top of the ornament. I also like the idea of ​​adding a bell to the top of the bow so that it will jingle every time it moves on the tree.

Other ideas include using beads, sequins, rhinestones or similar items around the acorn cap instead of glitter. You can even use raffia, rope, twine or other objects to hang on the tree to make it look more rustic!

Do I have to clean acorn hats before making them?

Whenever you use materials made outdoors, you want to clean them. This eliminates the bacteria and fungi that may grow on them. It can also help them last longer. You want to clean the acorn cap with a vinegar solution or a bleach solution. Either one works well. Then, let the acorn cap air dry.

Supplies needed

How to make acorn hat glitter Christmas decorations

Cut a piece of twine and tie it into a loop, then push the tied end into the top of the styrofoam ball. Add hot glue around the area to fix the inside of the ball for suspension.

Glue the acorn caps to the styrofoam balls, leaving a small space between each cap.

Add glue between all the gaps, then sprinkle glitter and tap to remove the excess. Repeat until all open spaces are painted with glitter or acorn hats.

Cut the golden and red ribbons and tie them into a bow.

Glue a small bell in the middle of the bow.

Then glue the bow and bell to the twine loop on top.

Stick to your holiday tree!

Simpler decoration DIY tutorial

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Yield: 1

This unique acorn hat sparkling Christmas decoration is the perfect complement to this year’s holiday tree, and it’s fun to use rustic and natural elements as part of the holiday decorations!

Activity time
30 minutes

total time
30 minutes


Estimated cost


If you want to reduce some of the work involved, you can use glitter glue to fix the acorns and between them.

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Gallery of completed projects

It’s so fun to make, and kids will love that they help you collect acorn hats!

Add a few colors of glitter to turn it into a rainbow look, not just a solid color!

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