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Valentine Heart My Dress Set Free Crochet Pattern + more

Valentine Heart My Dress Set Free Crochet Pattern + more

If you’re looking for crochet dresses for your angel or yourself, we have a range of crochet dresses and set free patterns on our website. Buying a little dress for your little lady is one thing, but making it yourself is more important than anything to cherish later. This honeycomb baby tracksuit and beanie set looks sunny and is perfect for kids to play. DIY crochet projects are the perfect example of why handmade alternatives have become so popular! It makes your little angel look adorable in a handmade outfit! The pattern is designed for babies 6 to 18 months, but you can also adjust the size for girls.

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Or you can make it with long sleeves, like this bunny sweater (sizes 4-5) with cute paws and pompom bunny tail on the back. The pullover is constructed from two main parts that are stitched together before adding the sleeves and fringe. The details are finalized and added to the finished jumper. Rabbit paws also double as pockets for little ones.

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