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15 best DIY leg warmers


15 best DIY leg warmers

Christmas may be another year, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t a lot of The cold weather is in front of us!

Where we live is actually the coldest time of the year, so we are always looking for new ways to make the most of our DIY skills to help ourselves and our loved ones stay warm. Recently, we are really fascinated by useful and cute leg warmers, so we have been paying attention to great homemade leg warmer concepts that we have never tried before.

If you are right like us Learn how to make DIY leg warmers this winter, Check out these 15 fantastic ideas, designs and tutorials we have encountered so far in our search for inspiration and guidance.

1. Single button sweater leg warmer

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In addition to being a handicraft lover, are you also an avid fan of all things based on upgrading and transformation? Well, if you happen to have an old sweater that you no longer wear, this cute and very simple design from Fireflies and Jellybeans may be for you! We like the way they decorate the items beautifully, and each item has a single-shaped button.

2. Three-button sweater sleeves leg warmers

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Do we have real The whole idea of ​​making a leg warmer with sweater sleeves caught your attention, but you’re just not sure whether the design we showed you on has enough Even if you really like the idea of ​​adding buttons, you can embellish them according to your taste?In that case, we would really It is recommended to see how Show Me Cute makes these beautiful cable knit sweater sleeves and leg covers, cut the edges to prevent them from falling apart, and each has three buttons!

3. Buttonhole denim and ribbon leg warmers

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When we started talking about “leg warmers”, did your thoughts really wander in design and fashion, rather than warm knitted winter models of the same idea? Then we have a feeling that you might get along better with this tutorial by Minnekota Living! Their cool tutorial shows you how to make a bodice-style denim leg warmer using metal buttonholes and ribbons.

4. Seamless, extra-long, multi-button leg warmers

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Do you really like the idea of ​​making sweaters with button details to warm your arms? so How do you wish you could advertise a whole bunch of buttons? Then, maybe you will get more fun from this super long design by La Vie DIY! This option is somewhere between style and warmth, because it is made from knitted sweater leftovers, but the point is obvious, many buttons add almost Victorian retro chic style to any outfit you match.

5. Leg warmers for jacket sleeves

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Do you feel a bit stuck because you don’t actually have any old sweaters to match, so you don’t have any knit sleeves to use, even if this upgrade has always been your favorite idea? Well, if you can get an old jacket instead, then you are still in business! This tutorial by Bonzai Aphrodite shows you how to achieve it with a fabric that is harder than the soft stitches knitted by a machine.

6. Old-fashioned ankle charm leg warmer

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Are you really ready to use your old sweater to make yourself an upgraded pair of knitted leg warmers? Do Like the idea of ​​decorating them, but you’re just not sure if the button is the way you want it?Well, if you plan to wear leg warmers Exceed Stuff instead of stuffing into the boots, because the details of the calf may get caught in your shoes, and then we will Absolutely It is recommended to see how Ibikeubike makes these leg warmers with small and simple ankle accessories!

7. Faux fur boots leg warmers

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You really so Interested in the idea of ​​making a super warm leg warmer for winter, would you rather embrace the winter season and make something that will go all out and attract people’s attention? In this case, we have a feeling that you will have real fun from the way Instructables makes these great faux fur boot tops that can add luster to any winter outfit!

8. Children’s leg warmers for old tights

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Have you really decided that upgrading the recycled leg armor is what you want, but you like the one you already own so much that now you can’t help but wonder if you can’t make something similar for your child? Well, thanks to Karima’s crafts, you can! Their tutorial will guide you step by step through the process of making a child-sized leg warmer from an old thick tights.

9. Thigh high socks-style seamless leg warmers

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Have you been browsing our list and hesitating on some of your favorite designs, because some of them involve needles and threads for trimming and trimming, and you don’t actually have any sewing experience? Well, many of these things are good beginner projects, so when you are ready, you may benefit from bookmarking, but now we have found a seamless leg warming tutorial from YoursTrulyNB, which can get you through It looks like thigh high stockings!

10. Long crochet leg warmer

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Maybe you have actually been insisting on making decisions because your best and most proficient DIY skills lie in the world of yarn making, and you have always wanted to make the most of your crochet hooks? Well, we are happy to report that your patience has finally paid off! Check out this pattern in Cottage Art Creations to understand the difficulty of making these basic crochet leg warmers. We like the idea of ​​using self-stripe yarns in such projects, because they will perfectly show the entire color scheme.

11. Fashionable pattern fabric leg warmers

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If you want to make cool leg warmers for your children as we mentioned before, do you really tend to use bright colors and interesting patterns, and choose the materials they really like from the fabric store, because you are very Have confidence and experience in your basic sewing skills? In this case, you may be the best person to try a simple leg warmer sewing pattern from the cunning mother’s scattered thoughts!

12. DIY casual denim leg warmer

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Do we actually still make you think about how much you like the basic concept of making awesome denim leg warmers, but you prefer to make a style that is closer to the classic slouchy style you see most often than we did before Show you the lace-up corset style?In this case, we think you are just must Take a look at Lookbook which outlines the simple process of precise production!

13. Thigh garter socks

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Do you like the idea of ​​wearing thigh-high knit leg warmers under your winter skirt, but you are worried that they will fall off because all your longest socks will be like this? Then we are willing to bet that you will get along better with these extra-long upgraded sweater sleeves and leg warmers. Outsapop also shows you how to fix the garter top. Clip them to the hem of the underwear to prevent them from falling. For those who hate the feel of elastic waistbands, they are an excellent alternative to knitted leggings.

14.Puppy leg warmers

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You are Absolutely That kind of passionate pet owner will completely make your dog an exclusive version of anything you make yourself, and proudly show off your new mix while walking? In this case, we think you might be the best person to try these fun puppy leg warmers! Dollar Store Crafts shows you how to make them with upgraded plush socks.

15. DIY ruffled leg warmer with lace top

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Have you used the tube on the sleeve of the sweater or a pair of old leggings or leggings with a pattern you like, ready to turn into a leg warmer, but you haven’t seen any decoration suggestions yet real Has it caught your attention? Then here is the last one, a slightly better idea for your consideration! Take a closer look at this tutorial by Glimmer and Grit to see how they make a ruffled leg warmer with a beautiful DIY lace top.

Have you made other kinds of great leg warmers before? You are really satisfied, but you don’t see anything quite Similar to here in our list? Tell us how you did it, or link us to a photo of your finished work in the comments section!

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