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15 magazine collage ideas


15 magazine collage ideas-cut, paste and innovate


Since we were little children, we have always liked how colorful the pages of magazines are. We don’t even mind what type of magazine it is, as long as the visual effects look interesting!

In addition to admiring the bright images we see when turning pages, we have always liked to cut out the pieces for DIY projects. The idea of ​​creating a new image or themed series by piecing together all the things we like in different magazines is very simple, but very interesting.

We love that you can actually also collage things that serve your real purpose!

Magazine collage ideas

If you are interested in exploring the world Magazine collage Yes, but you can’t decide what kind of project you should do, here are 15 best ideas So far, we have found, tried or saved upcoming projects.

1. Fashion inspiration wall canvas

View in galleryMagazine collage

Have you always been a big fan of fashion, clothing and styling, and plan to become a designer or stylist one day? Then we are sure that you are already familiar with how inspiring the simple act of flipping through a magazine is!

As you work towards your fashion goals, why not collect all the photos that have swelled your love for fashion and gather them in one place?

We like the way that Life With Sabrina makes fashion-inspired collages, which can be hung on your wall to remind you of all the awesome styles and fashion elements that you not only want to use and wear, but may even create one day.

2. Magazine background car craft

View in galleryChildren's Magazine Collage

Are your kids always a big fan of cut and paste crafts, especially if it means they can be cunning with materials that are not normally allowed to be cut?

Then the old magazines that you no longer need after reading are the gold mine of creativity! Our children like to browse colorful pages and choose different elements to create scenes.

This urban road craft is featured on Sturdy for Common Things, made of magazine page construction and construction paper, and is a perfect example of what we thought!

3. Magazine Collage Art

View in galleryMagazine collage art

Have you always been inspired by the way colors, textures, references, and images come together to create a cohesive theme?

Well, the theme board may not be that kind of thing everyone See its use, but if you are thinking about redecorating your room, designing clothing, or doing something similar that you are looking for influencing elements, then you can Absolutely Benefit from making your own theme board!

We like the way Simply Jessica Kate uses magazine paper-cutting to create several different theme boards, and arranges several different theme options in order to really consider them.

4. The bug picture cut out by the magazine

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Have you always been interested in the way large printed HQ pictures in magazines have a lot of detailed visual texture, because the effect is very beautiful, especially if it involves bright colors?

Then if you Just like colors, we bet your kids will also find these textured photos as beautiful and attractive!

This is the reason why we have made many crafts such as magazine collages from Art Projects for Kids. They recommend using cuts from the big picture at the headquarters to fill in designs with interesting colors and textures instead of just using markers for coloring.

5. DIY decorative collage jar

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Are you looking for a creative way to store trinkets or small items that you often use, and don’t want to be scattered everywhere, but you prefer to let your storage solution help your decoration scheme instead of detracting from it?

In this case, we have a feeling that you will like this magazine collage idea from All Put Together! They suggest cutting out your favorite words from the magazine in all the different cool texts, and disassembling the pieces on the outside of the jar or jar.

6. Magazine rainbow collage

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Are you interested in the idea of ​​letting your kids make various creative images from colorful magazines, but you think they are too few to really make use of vision texture We showed you some ways of thinking?

Then maybe you should keep its color! We like the advice of JDaniel4’s mom to help your child pick colors from all the different pages and chop them up, organize them into individual plates, and then create a simple image from these bright parts, such as Rainbow.

7. Magazine strip gift box

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Are you a creative and generous friend in the team, who always makes and presents trinkets for your loved ones, but what do you like is more than just the idea of ​​gifts?Then we are willing to bet you are perfect Those who want to try this great DIY gift packaging idea from All Put Together!

They suggest cutting off some small strips from the pages of the magazine, and then collage them on gift boxes or already wrapped gifts to create a great packaging effect. You will definitely not find pre-made ones in the store.The one you love will real Can see your care for their gifts!

8. Scrolling Magazine Page Wall Art

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Are you absolutely interested in using magazine pages to create art, but you prefer to make something more decorative and abstract so that you can hang it on the wall as a decoration instead of just using it to make interesting handicrafts ?

In that situation, we have a feeling that you will Very I really like this scrolling magazine page idea from Up Against The Wall! They will guide you through the process of making thin rolls and layering them to create geometric art.

9. Magazine collage magazine cover

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Are you necessarily interested in making an inspiration board to hang on the wall, because you are already satisfied with the way the room is decorated, but you actually like the idea of ​​making one, period?

Then maybe you prefer to make it as the cover of the journal! We like the way Candy Creates collages the homepage, which covers all their favorite things.

10. Tracing silhouette magazine collage art

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We remember making silhouette art when we were young, sitting sideways in the beam of a flashlight, letting our friends paint our shadows on the wall on a piece of paper, and since then we have taught our children to do this.

However, recently, we discovered this idea from Art, Paper, Scissors, Glue, which is used to draw outlines on a magazine page instead of a simple black paper!

We like this idea because you can help your kids track their shadows on pages featuring their favorite things to achieve a little personalization.

11. Magazines and button flowers

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Are you still considering that your child likes to make different designs with cut-out magazines, but you are not sure whether cars or bugs are suitable for them, and the idea of ​​a rainbow is a bit too simple?

Then maybe you will be more fortunate to help them make this magazine collage flower crafts! We like the way Fine Lines uses magazine bars and some buttons to make this cute page.

12. Torn Magazine Fragment Earth

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Maybe you have tried the rainbow craft that we showed you before, and your children had a lot of fun with tearing, sorting and collage, and now they are eager to make other things?

Well, technically, they can use the right colors and arrangements to make whatever they want in their hearts, but just in case they need to start creatively, here is a very textured one from I Heart Crafty Things Earth Day ideas!

13. Words vs Colors Magazine Collage Pictures

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Have you really thought about making some torn magazine collages yourself, but you are more willing to get more creativity and complexity through subtle color changes and challenging shapes (such as human faces)?

Then here is a tutorial from The Artroom that will guide you through the skills you need! Except for their wonderful technique of using colors, we can’t forget how cool their idea and contrast of creating a background from a wording page looks.

14. Scattered Brain Magazine Craft

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Is your favorite art project always one with some information or some kind of social commentary? Then we have a feeling that you are the perfect person to create this kind of “distracted brain” theme crafts from The Weekly Beat, especially if you like multimedia DIY.

Show you how they drew and painted a skull, filled its brain with various pop culture references and photos, and even put it on braces made of sequins!

Fill your version with the things that stand out for you or your favorite things.

15. Magazine face and gauze portrait

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Is your child interested in the silhouette crafts we showed you, but you are pretty sure they are more willing to use their imagination to make their own funny faces instead of just silhouettes?

In this case, we are pretty sure that this interesting magazine article and yarn crafts will be very popular in your home!

See how Easy Preschool Crafts can make these funny faces by cutting features from the magazine and adding yarn of any hair color they like.

Magazine collage ideas

That’s it, creative peepers, these are our wall collage ideas. But I’m sure there is more content, and I’m sure you have been creating beautiful magazine collage art. Just don’t be shy and share with us.

Leave a comment in the box below for everyone to review.

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