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How to make a pressure ball


How to make a pressure ball


There is no denying that our pace of life is faster than ever, and all of us sometimes feel pressured. Whether you are a parent trying to take care of three toddlers in the morning, or are stuck in a traffic jam or feel busy at work during peak hours, you definitely need something to relieve stress and relieve some tension.

View in galleryDIY pressure ball 12 DIY pressure ball ideas: how to make a homemade pressure ball

Do it yourself pressure ball

Try one of these 12 DIY stress balls, which will help you find inner peace. If you want to read a quick tutorial on how to make a pressure ball, please skip to this section.

1. Pink pressure ball

View in gallery 12 DIY pressure ball ideas: how to make a homemade pressure ball

A simple pink pressure ball looks beautiful, as long as you need it, it will calm you down! Put it in your handbag and carry it with you, just in case you find yourself under pressure and need to squeeze your emotions out! Get the tutorial on BuzzFeed!

2. Orbeez pressure ball

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If you want the pressure ball to feel very special, fill it with Orbeez! They will create such a fun feeling under your fingers, you will like to pick it up for a few seconds and play with it.

Before you know it, your stress will disappear! Thanks, Morena DIY!

3. Two-component pressure ball

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Is lack of time part of your stress? Don’t worry, my friend, this pressure ball by What’s Up Moms only needs two ingredients and a few minutes to make.

You can easily squeeze your preparation time into your morning routine, pack a stress ball, and spend a long Monday with you!

4. Children’s pressure ball

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Children will also feel stressed and irritable! Fortunately, Se La Cava offers three brilliant ideas for stress balls, which can keep your kids busy and calm during long-distance driving or enjoying peaceful time in the afternoon! Therefore, these pressure balls can also reduce the pressure on parents!

5. Slime pressure ball

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Remember when we were young, slime was the coolest thing on earth? ! We can quickly go back to a simpler era with this super simple slime pressure ball tutorial by Dave Hax! Squeeze it when you feel nervous and guide your inner happy child!

6. Donut pressure ball

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When you’re stressed, let’s have some donuts! Since we think you can’t always carry donuts with you, this is the next best thing: a donut stress ball, which can help you relax in the tense moments that need to breathe! Get instructions at DIY Lover!

7. Mini mesh stress ball

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The mesh pressure ball has become very popular because of its unique appearance and touch when squeezed!

They can be addictive, but most importantly, they are some of the most enjoyable stress balls, and you will definitely want to make some stress balls in different colors to keep them interesting and diverse! Mr. Creative will show you how it is done!

8. Giant mesh stress ball

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If the mini pressure ball is not for you, Karina Garcia has prepared a huge net pressure ball for you! This is a reliable way to reduce stress; when you are completely immersed in it and squeeze it with both hands at the same time, negative thoughts can no longer hold you back!

9. Pokemon pressure ball

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Are you part of the Pokemon Mania? Does Pokémon make you happy? If so, this Pikachu pressure ball is your best choice! Of course, you can customize it to suit the appearance of your favorite Pokemon and have your personal anti-stress partner!

Check how to do it on And Next Comes L!

10. Unicorn pressure ball

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The coolest reason for this pressure ball is because it doesn’t even look like a pressure ball! You can put it on your desk every day, and no one will know that it is your secret stress relief tool!

The next time someone tries to tell you that the unicorn is not real… squeeze that ball! The cute life hacker will show you how to make it!

11. Emoji pressure ball

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Today, most of our communication is through emoji. We are accustomed to expressing our feelings through them, it seems appropriate to turn them into some simple and cute emoji pressure balls, as long as we see them, we will immediately improve our mood!

Me and My Inklings has a great tutorial!

12. Macaron pressure ball

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The pressure ball of MaGa Dollie Life looks like a sweet macaron and is a very cute way to pay tribute to the luxurious desserts while reducing stress!

It may cause you cravings for sweets, so after you finish squeezing, enjoy some real macaroons!

How to make a pressure ball (using balloons)

If you like the DIY pressure ball above, please click on the link of its original creator, because they all have tutorials on how to make a pressure ball.

View in galleryHow to make a pressure ball

If this does not solve your problem, here is a short tutorial.

  • The pressure ball can be made of balloons (12-inch regular latex/rubber balloons from the dollar store, yes)
    • You can use flour, rice, water droplets, play dough, or even oatmeal as a filler.
  • Use a funnel to put your fillings in
    • If you don’t have a funnel, just cut off the bottom of the plastic water bottle and make it yourself.
  • You also need to color (paint) or pen/brush to make it cooler.

Now, breathe in and breathe out. Squeeze the unicorn. all is well.

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