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15 winter projects made with Pom Poms


15 winter projects made with Pom Poms

Every once in a while, we and our children experience a complete crafting technique or obsession with supply, and everything we do suddenly involves the same thing.Even if we make seasonal things before and after the holidays, sometimes we will make big strides on a special thing type We just insisted on the project for a few weeks, loving every minute. Our recent obsession with this is pom poms! Whether you are talking about DIY yarn pompoms or little plush pompoms, we will be happy to use them. This is why we have been paying close attention to the awesome winter and Christmas themes made with pompoms or made of pompoms recently.

If you are as passionate as we are to make some winter-themed pompons crafts this holiday season, please check out these 15 wonderful ideas, designs and tutorials we have encountered in our searches so far for inspiration!

1. DIY Christmas tree pompom

View in galleryDIY Christmas tree-shaped pompoms 15 winter projects made with pompoms

If you have never made pompom crafts of different shapes and not just round ones before, we regret to tell you that you missed something Very It’s really interesting! Solve this situation now by trying these fun pom-pom Christmas trees from Whimsy Love! They will even show you how to make the initial circle and then customize it into a cone.

2. Winter Pompom Wreath

View in galleryWinter pompom wreath 15 winter items made with pompoms

Have you made a series of beautiful neutral yarn pompoms for your winter decorations, but now you need help with ideas about what to turn them into?Well, if you have ever liked DIY seasonal door knockers, even half of what we like, then we will really It is recommended to see how the country talks about how to combine all their things on a circular frame base to make a cute pom pom wreath, and immediately greet the guests in a cunning way when they arrive!

3. Yarn pompom decoration wreath

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Do you like the idea of ​​adding neutral pompoms to your winter decoration scheme, but you already have a door knocker you like? Then maybe you prefer to turn them into a cute holiday wreath! We like the way Mom Advice alternates pompoms with cute miniature Christmas baubles on the rope. This looks good, wrapped around a tree or hung on a mantelpiece.

4. Kawaii Pompom Snowman

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Do you like to use your pompoms for some carving ideas, but you would rather keep them round because you just like that they look too fluffy and spherical to be cut into their shapes? Well, that doesn’t mean you still can’t turn them into great things! These cute decorative pompom snowmen outline what we mean with clean details on the super cute kawaii.

5. Pompom pine cone decoration

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In addition to using pom-poms, are you now a bit focused on using works from nature (such as unconventional production supplies) for production?Then we have a Strong I feel that you will simply like this craft in One Little Project, it allows you to combine the two! Check out their tutorial to learn how they used colorful miniature pompoms to decorate the ends of pine cones to make it look like a tree covered in interesting ornaments.

6. Paper Plate and Pompom Christmas Tree

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If you plan to make any handmade crafts with pompoms around Christmas, will you? a lot of It’s about making things very simple and pushing your kids so they can have fun too? Then we have a feeling that you will appreciate creative family fun combining their love of pompoms with classic childhood paper plate making techniques to achieve this interesting Christmas tree craft!

7. Pompom Snowman Wreath

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When you scroll, do you actually still find yourself thinking about making a pom-pom wreath, but you are a complete novelty fool, and you can’t help wondering if you can make a wreath with more personality than neutral. We showed you before version of?In that case, we would Absolutely It is recommended to see how A Crocheted Simplicity turns several white DIY yarn pompoms into not only a garland, but also a garland that looks like a bunch of fluffy little snowmen!

8. DIY Pompom Christmas Tree

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Do we have almost It caught your attention when we started talking about the idea of ​​making a pom-pom Christmas tree, but when you read these texts for the first time, are you imagining something bigger and involving more pom-poms? Then we think you will be happy to see that Just That Perfect Piece has more things that meet your needs! Check out their page to see how this lovely standing tree is made from several pompoms strategically arranged in a cone.

9. Cute pompom mouse

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Well, we know that we see the idea that we will focus exclusively on Christmas and winter pompom crafts, and the next idea may not have anything particularly cold, but for us, it is too cute to be included Our list! If you also like small animals and think you can deal with the challenge of making more organized characters, here is a wonderful guide from Sweet Pea Felts that teaches you how to make this cute pompom in a few surprisingly simple steps mouse.

10. Cute pompom fairy wreath

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Do you want to involve your children in the process of making yarn pompoms, but you know that their taste in the project is more colorful and whimsical than many of the works you have seen so far? Then maybe like this cute pom pom fairy tale wreath, the things outlined step by step on raising rubies will be more suitable for your alley! In addition to your yarn, you also need felt, wooden dolls from the craft store, paint, and some jute rope.

11. Pompom Christmas Ornaments

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Maybe you are actually still interested in the idea of ​​putting yarn pompoms and miniature Christmas baubles in one place that we showed you before, but you are not sure if you have enough yarn to make the entire wreath, just Like you see there? Then maybe you will be luckier some like this bigger but unique Christmas tree ornament with pompoms and sparkling baubles! Learn more about how it is done in 5 Minutes for Mom.

12. Snow sprinkled pompons

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If you recently decided to pack your gift in a more customized and DIY way than usual, then we will really It is recommended to take a look at the next idea of ​​Frugal Girl! Their tutorial will guide you step-by-step through the process of making beautiful little pom-pom flowers from the branches, sprinkle some glitter on it to make it look “covered in snow”, and then use clothespins to fix it on the latest paper Gifts wrapped on a ribbon around.

13. Christmas pompom tree branch

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Are you still fascinated by the idea of ​​using miniature pompoms to make something brighter and less traditional for Christmas but still very suitable for winter? In this case, we will definitely encourage you to see how Aunt Peach can make this lovely branch vase decoration by sticking small pompoms on the end of each branch. The contrast between the color and the natural finish of the branches is stunning.

14. Pompom Coaster

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Have you really been browsing our list, hoping to find some kind of pom pom project that might make a cute Christmas gift for another DIY enthusiast, but we haven’t fully convinced you yet? Then we want to show these wonderful and colorful felt pompom coasters for your consideration! They are very useful but simple to make, inspired by charm and have all the information you need. They are the perfect gift for anyone who likes to have a hot drink on a cold winter day!

15. Beautiful wreaths of branches and pompoms

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Just in case you haven’t fully understood the idea of ​​pom-pom wreaths, but you are still interested in the idea of ​​making it with nature, here is a great design that can help you combine these two concepts in one place ! Take a closer look at this tutorial by A Beautiful Mess to see how they made a sunburst design with branches and arranged the inner circle with yarn pompoms.

Have you made other great DIY things with pom-poms before, you are very satisfied with them, but you don’t see them in our list? Tell us about all the content you created and how you made it, or link us to photos of your completed work in the comments section!

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