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3 simple homemade dog shampoo recipes ⋆ DIY crafts


3 simple homemade dog shampoo recipes ⋆ DIY crafts


Maintaining good hygiene is very important-not only for yourself, but also for your dog!It can be very difficult to bathe the dog, but there are no more 3 easy homemade dog shampoo recipes. My dog ​​is a sweetheart, but he did change his personality in the bath. If you have a dog that always bathes in excitement, consider yourself lucky! However, if your dog is one of those dramatic breeds β€” mine is a Husky (very dramatic) β€” then it can be very difficult to bathe them. Nevertheless, it is important to keep them clean!

I have tried all the DIY shampoo recipes in this guide, so don’t worry; you won’t run into problems! There are some questions at the end of the article to answer your thoughts! I remember being very confused the first time I cared for a dog. If you want, if I don’t have dog shampoo, what can I use to wash my dog?Then you have to relax DIY dog shampooYou will get used to it soon, and all the ingredients of these homemade dog shampoo recipes are within reach! The recipes used are perfect for dogs of any budget and any breed! You will have a great time making these shampoos, of course, you can also let your dog join in!

1. Homemade dog shampoo to flea

Why do dogs get fleas in the first place? It is important to take the dog out for a walk every day. This is when they can touch these fleas. Fleas have very strong legs, so they can jump on your dog’s skin and act as parasites. They will feed on their own blood and jump from one host to another. Getting rid of them is important, especially if you have more dogs or cats in your house. If your dog does not go out often, it may be that you brought fleas from outside. How can you get rid of them?

The simplest and most effective solution is to use anti-flea shampoo. The ones found in the store can be very strong, so if your dog has sensitive skin, those things are a big deal! My husky has a flea problem and I decided to use this method because his skin is very sensitive.

the following DIY dog shampoo recipe It works well for larger dogs (or dogs with less sensitive skin). This mixture is a bit thick, so you may need to do a patch test first, and then wait a while to see how your dog reacts to it.

  1. Water-one quart
  2. White vinegar-a cup
  3. Baby shampoo/non-toxic detergent-one cup
  4. Spray bottle

This method was the method I used for my huskies at the time, because he was still a baby and I didn’t want to use something too strong to strip his natural oils. However, I can use the method mentioned above now because he is a bit older.

  1. Water-half a cup
  2. Vinegar-a quarter cup
  3. Baby shampoo-a quarter cup

2. Dog Dry Shampoo

It is scientifically proven that if your dog does not bathe often, it will actually be better. Think about it-the more they shower, the more chemicals in the shampoo. Although these are homemade recipes, they also clean the skin through the same chemical reaction. Dry shampoos are the perfect way to clean them from time to time. When you rub dry shampoo on their skin, it feels very good-like being touched!

  1. baking soda
  2. corn starch
  3. Essential oil

As you already know, this Homemade dog shampoo It is very suitable for sensitive skin because no strong ingredients are used here. How can you use it? Sprinkle the powder in your hands, then gently pat on your dog’s skin. Once you apply it to all oily/dirty areas, just massage it. This will not remove dirt or dirt-it is just used to give your dog a refreshing and clean appearance if it looks a little greasy.

3. DIY dog shampoo for dry skin

The mistake you may make is to bathe your dog more than you need. Don’t worry; everyone makes this mistake when they first start caring for a dog. If it causes dry and itchy skin, using this homemade dog shampoo formula is a great idea! It will moisturize their skin and make it soft and beautiful. You can easily find all these ingredients in any market near your home. I bought it from Walmart, but had to order glycerin from Amazon!

  1. water
  2. Olive soap
  3. Bitter
  4. glycerin
  5. Aloe gel

Mix these together and use as a normal dog shampoo.

How often should your dog take a bath?

I suggest your dog take a bath only once a month. Excessive use of soap and shampoo will make their skin lose its natural oils. This can cause dryness and peeling of the skin.In case your dog gets dirty-like falling into the mud, jumping into the dirty water, etc.-it’s best to use Homemade dog shampoo for dry skin mentioned above. It contains aloe vera, which can moisturize sensitive skin. If you are on the go, use dry shampoo because it is not as strong as the actual shampoo.

Why is it better to make shampoo at home?

Many different chemicals are added to store shampoos. This can make your dog’s skin very dry and itchy. It is best to know what ingredients you will apply to your pet’s skin. Secondly, the things you buy in the store are also super expensive. You can also use the money to buy some snacks or toys for your dog! Compared with boujee shampoo, which they know nothing about, they will be happier to get toys.

Are dogs allergic?

Unfortunately, yes. For dogs, allergies are actually very common. That’s why I strongly recommend that you make things at home so you can actually try it out and see how everything reacts. You never know what is in those store-bought shampoos, so it is almost impossible for you to find out which chemicals make their skin itchy. It might be a good idea to do a patch test and see if that particular idea is bloated. Redness or hives are also signs of a chemical reaction. Once you find this ingredient, don’t use it in any DIY recipes.

in conclusion

So, you guys are ready to try these amazing 3 easy homemade dog shampoo recipes? It will be more fun for your dog to bathe with these shampoos! If you know your dog’s favorite smell-it is a good idea to use it in the form of essential oils. Make sure to add very little, because essential oils can also dry out the skin. In this way, your dog will be happy to smell the smell (the dog’s smell is very strong) and will cooperate when you want to clean it up. These shampoos can also be a perfect gift for mother dog!

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