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45 simple flower crafts for children


45 simple flower crafts for children

These floral crafts are enough to satisfy your home decoration, party decoration, wedding decoration and children’s projects. They are a new twist in the artificial flower craze, and making your favorite DIY paper flowers will never make you bored. You will use almost all types of materials to get simple flower making ideas. Most importantly, coffee filters, tissue paper, crepe paper, cardstock and felt. Making paper flowers will be the best origami art practice. Find a collection of 45 DIY flower crafts suitable for children, toddlers, kindergartens and adults to help you make all kinds of flowers in almost all sizes. Get the skills to make small flowers, and you can also make extra-large flowers for your wedding or party decorations. Pack these flowers as attractive bouquets for family flower arrangements, use them to make bouquets that will not wilt, and put them in vases as beauty that will not sag.

Send a handmade flower gift to start your beloved’s day with a smile. Use recycled toilet paper rolls to make flowers that do not require water, which is more durable than flowers made with ordinary copy paper. Browse all DIY flower craft projects to see which designs attract your attention the most.

Add these colorful artificial flowers to the wreath as a lovely embellishment. Put them together to get lovely spring decorations, or you can cleverly build stunning backgrounds and wedding centers. A summary of all DIY flower crafts suitable for children, toddlers, kindergartens and adults will help to make lovely flower crafts with pine cones, felt and tablecloths.

1. Simple DIY crepe paper hibiscus

Flowers are a real happiness. With their colorful charm and pleasant art created by nature, they immediately calm you down. Using crepe paper to make these hibiscus flowers looks very elegant. Use these flowers in vases, wreaths, and bouquets.Details here

2. DIY handmade paper-cut flowers

Use hard paper (such as cardstock) to make beautiful flowers. Cut petals, leaves and flower hearts by hand, then glue them together to make cute paper flowers, which can be part of your various gatherings and home decorations.Click here for details

3. Ruche’s giant paper flower

You can also make huge paper flowers, you can make sweet handmade gifts, and can also be used in many different ways for home and party decorations. Use plastic cups and flower threads to make inner frames for these huge flowers. Dry moss and cable ties are also used to make this huge paper towel flower. Here is a complete operation guide designsponge

4. Giant paper roses

One of the most gorgeous paper roses. Everyone makes them at home. The bride will be very proud of holding a bouquet instead of holding flowers. Cut out leaves with green crepe paper, and cut out dozens of heart shapes with red crepe paper to use as petals to make this huge rose paper. Complete the tutorial greenweddingshoes here

5. How to make giant paper flowers

Crepe paper is one of the most commonly used paper types for making durable flowers at home. Colored crepe paper, scissors, glue, flower thread and glue gun will become all the tools for making this huge paper ornament. A smart way to express your love for your favorite flower. How-to guide is here bloggingcorner

6. DIY crepes and watercolor flowers

Express your love for your favorite flowers by making imitations of paper flowers. A great advantage is that they can provide you with many different options, which can be cleverly used for home decoration. These watercolor flowers are very suitable to be placed in miniature vases. The complete operation tutorial is here craftberrybush

7. DIY poppy paper flower

Put these poppy paper flowers in a jar in a simple way to add vitality to your wedding decorations. Put your hands on the floral thread, crepe paper, floral tape and cotton balls to make these poppy paper flowers. The complete operation tutorial is here polkadotbride

8. How to make tissue paper flowers

Thin paper is also ideal for making beautiful paper flowers and will be a great choice for decorative purposes. They can be placed in vases to make excellent flower centers; they can also be hung high on delicate floral ornaments. Complete the guide attagirlsays here

9. Modern DIY spring wreath

You can really create miracles with homemade paper or fake flowers. Since they will not wilt or drool, they are always the more permanent part of floral decorations. White roses and spring flowers are also made, which are mounted on wooden embroidery hoops to make spring flower garlands. For details, please see here deliacreates

10. Painted Daisy Mason Jar

Want to make some eye-catching floral decorations at home? Then incorporate these painted mason jar daisy center decorations into your home. Paint the mason jar with your favorite color, use a mold to make daisies, and then use paper to make artificial daisies inside. Here is the complete operation guide masonjarcraftslove

11. Beautiful DIY flower hanger

Hand-made flowers will be the perfect embellishment for your gorgeous wall decorations. Here, a hoop covered with barbed wire is transformed into a gorgeous flower suspension using fake flowers and photo frames. An interesting craft project related to paper flowers. Complete the guide diycandy here

12. Make spring paper flower wreaths

A garland can always be a good party decoration. So, use your paper flower crafts to impress the party audience. Put hand-made paper flowers on a rope to make cute garlands at low prices. Paper flower hacker with party gadgets.The complete guide is here

13. Make zinnia flowers with pine cones

If you are afraid to make paper flowers that will not wither but are very easily damaged. Then here is a technique for making durable flowers. Paint the pine cones, and their painted shells will look as beautiful as petals. These pine cones will not be damaged even if they fall heavily.Detailed information is here for typing board

14. Beauty and the Beast core

Why spend a lot of money on home decoration, because you can make stunning centerpieces at home. Copy the core of this beauty and beast, and there is a yellow paper flower inside the bell shape. Use yellow and green crepe paper to make flowers. Here is the complete guide to thehousethatlarsbuilt

15. Children’s paper plate flower craft

The secret of expensive party decorations, paper plate flower craftsmanship, must be added to some knick-knacks. It is super fast and easy to set off. Glue the paper tape loop to the bottom of the paper tray as a gorgeous flower petal. Use green paper for stems and leaves.Here is a complete how-to guide

16. Colorful coffee filters

You don’t need to invest in expensive home decorations and knick-knacks. Coffee filters are also an excellent choice for making colorful artificial flowers without premature death. Adding coffee filter flowers with green pipe cleaner stems to obtain this beauty will strongly attract the eye. Details here funathomewithkids

17. How to make a paper daffodil wreath

When you need to impress bystanders, paper-made daffodils can also be used as your home decoration feature. Use die cut or paper templates to make paper daffodils; place them around the wreath to instantly make an epic daffodil wreath.Complete the operation guide here for classic play

18. Make your own origami paper flowers

Also make your own beautiful origami paper flowers to set higher home decorations. Make exquisite paper flower vases and place homemade paper flowers in your home decoration, which will be loved by everyone. Experiment with these flowers in colors other than blue and white.Click here for details

19. DIY coffee filter

Epic things made with coffee filters, using them to make colorful flowers, will be too durable to last. Let these colorful coffee filter flowers become an eye-catching part of your home decoration. The given sample flowers are easy to make. There is a complete guide to doodlecraft here

20. Crepe paper flowers for Mother’s Day

Want to make your mom happy in various ways this Mother’s Day? Elevate her mood with these bright flowers, cool handmade gifts and simple crepe paper craftsmanship. Whether as a bouquet or a vase, they will definitely make your mother happy. The operation tutorial here theartofsimple

21. How to fold paper lilies

Lilies are so beautiful, which is why they are often added to family and party gadgets. Use the paper of choice to make sweet copies of lilies and start greeting your beloved with them, which can be arranged on the table, on the shelf or without walls in countless different ways of decoration.Details are here charcoal and crayons

22. Children’s DIY shiny flower craft

A perfect 3D paper art work, you can frame it to create a lovely floral art frame for your interior walls. Put the colorful sequins on the cupcake lining to get the sparkling flower heads, put them on the paper, and use the green paper strips and leaves to add the stems.Details here teacher

23. Simple DIY paper towel poppies

This will be one of the best ways to bring garden charm and visual appeal to family spaces, dining tables and central coffee tables to make this thin paper poppy vase. It is cool and colorful, and is the creative definition of most tissue papers that are not in our craft materials list.Details here

24. How to make cupcake paper flowers

Does a lot of paper cutting make you bored? Then make these much less cut paper flowers. Just stack different sizes of colorful cupcake liners together to make colorful flowers. Use sequins to give them a shiny center, then add green paper strips as stems. Here is a complete guide to laughingkidslearn

25. Children’s Colorful Flower Art

Let the children’s cute little hands work on the paper art and help them learn more. Work with your child to crumple the paper towels into random ball shapes and add them up with custom stems to make gorgeous flowers. Paper flower crafts that every child can make.Details here

26. Ribbon Craft Flower Arrangement

No one will guess whether these flowers are fake, they look very close to reality. Take a pull bag with flowers, and you will soon be able to make dozens of lovely flowers. Let them sit on the natural branches for a beautiful flower arrangement. An exciting and incredibly simple paper flower craft project. The operation tutorial is diyinspired here

27. Beautiful DIY paper flower lanterns

You will be surprised to find the real effect that can be achieved by using homemade paper flowers. If installed in front of paper lanterns, they can be the best hanging party and outdoor decorations. If there are lights inside, they will be the best hanging lights decoration for parties, weddings or outdoor seating environments.Click here for details

28. Filter the coffee tulip with leftover egg dye

Coffee filters are very easy to dye, which makes them a very viable material in papermaking. Cut them into tulip shapes and dye them with the remaining Easter egg dye to bring them charming colors. Put them in the vase together with the paper straw stalks as attractive beauties.Here is the complete operation guide

29. DIY flower bow

Consider using paper flowers to decorate your hair fashion accessories. Decorate the bow with paper roses and flowers, and wear a cute style on your head. You will love this red paper rose on the bow as a cool decoration. Complete the how-to guide here studiodiy

30. Pleated fabric flower of knitted fabric waste

Use your knitting scraps also for very sensible purposes and use them to make these pleated fabric flowers. They will be hung on children’s headbands like colorful ornaments. They are the best choice for styling your hair accessories. These pleated fabric flowers are colorful and look very real. Here’s how to guide makeit-loveit

31. Grass Art DIY Spring Tulips

When looking through… the tulips look great.

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