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Bring nature indoors with these 13 rustic branch crafts


Bring nature indoors with these 13 rustic branch crafts


When we’re so busy with our modern lives, preoccupied with our phones, dedicated to our 9-to-5 jobs and 24/7 parenting, it’s easy to forget about nature! Look around your home and see how many natural elements and decorations you can find.If you feel the need to add more of them to your living space, these 13 Twig Crafts is a great place to start!

1. Branch Christmas tree decorations

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You know those miniature Christmas tree ornaments that are on sale in every store in December? Funky Junk decided to give them a rustic makeover! Here’s a reimagined little Christmas tree made from branches! This is an important element in your home, especially during the holidays!

2. Twig Ball

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Tiny decorative elements complete the living space! If you have a very lonely surface in your home and desperately need some organic decor, we can’t think of a better way to fill it than with a unique decorative stick ball! You can find tutorials at DIY Queen.

3. Branch Heart

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Love is all you need – but little decorations here and there don’t hurt! Bring the two together by creating a large branch heart for your bedroom or living room. If you do this as a surprise to your significant other, you’ll get extra points! Much better as I get older Share how-tos!

4. Branch Rudolph

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Just like the annual Halloween decoration can’t be without pumpkins, the Christmas decoration can’t be without the reindeer. They’re a big part of December’s biggest holiday, and you have to show at least one DIY reindeer. Pretty Ditty made one out of twigs!

5. Twig Christmas Tree Lights

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December is all about Christmas trees. The main part of your living room, maybe some smaller part of a bedroom or kids room, but there are definitely countless miniatures that can be used as holiday table centerpieces. Invite nature to dinner this year with these charming branch Christmas tree lights from Stow and Tell U!

6. Branch stand

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The photos we choose to display in our homes often hold our most precious memories, which is why choosing the right frame for them is so important. You want a framework that does justice to memory! How about this beautiful tree branch frame we found at eHow?

7. Branch Monogram

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Monograms are one thing we never get tired of (along with chalkboard projects and mason jars!). They are so much fun to make and have a very personal undertone. Whether you’re making one for yourself or for someone you love, we recommend you try The Happy Housie’s twig monogram!

8. Twig Christmas Ornaments

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Do you still have room for some extra decorations on your Christmas tree? Classic sparkly accents are all fun, but you can also add something natural to balance the proportions! Simple enough to show you how to make these adorable branch ornaments!

9. Branch Stars

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Miracles happen when country meets modernity. Check out these branch stars from North Story and join us in seeing how their rustic look dances with modern monochrome decor. This is the perfect piece for a modern home looking to bring a bit of nature into the interior!

10. Branch Arrow

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Arrowheads have always been a popular motivation, especially among young homeowners. They represent strength, inspiration and a sprint forward. Follow Yellow Bliss Road’s tutorial to make mini branch arrows with the most creative and colorful decorations!

11. Branch Candle

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Winter is the season when we retreat indoors for cozy sweaters, hot drinks and cozy vibes by the fireplace. If you want to make the vibe even more magical or romantic, make these Twig Candles by Town and Country Living!

12. Twig Dream Catcher

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As the end of the year approaches, we find ourselves dreaming about everything the new year might bring us. New love? New career opportunity? who knows! Catch your biggest dreams with these chic and modern triangular branch dream catchers from Eskaa!

13. Winter Wreath of Branches

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Choosing the right winter wreath for your home can be difficult when there are so many options to choose from, but we can assure you that you can never go wrong if you choose natural materials. Take, for example, this stunning Winter Wreath of Branches from Confessions of a Serial DIY-er!

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