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Cool knit and crochet hot pads with free patterns!


Cool knit and crochet hot pads with free patterns!

When we first learned how to knit and crochet, there were several items and patterns that we liked the most. The first thing we did was a dishcloth, but they were small, and we found that once we got the hang of it, we started to finish them quickly. At the same time, we do need some simple projects to practice, and we are still improving our technology. This is where the thermal pad comes in!We can’t even start counting Hot pad We started knitting and crocheting in the first year of becoming a yarn craftsman.

Are you looking for ways to practice your knitting and crocheting skills, but still do something useful and beneficial at the same time?Then take a look at these great and very cool looks Hot pad patternYou either like to eat in your own kitchen, or you like to give it to friends and family as a gift!

1. Morning glory hot pad

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Are you confident enough in your crochet skills that you think you are ready to start from creating basic shapes, so you have been focusing on layered crochet patterns for some time?In this case, we really Think you should check out this lovely morning glory hot pad design by Anne Porter. No matter what color your little flower is, the finished appearance will be lovely.

2. Beer lid hot pad with lid

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Do you always think that the most useful thermal pad is made of harder materials or do you tend to use harder materials?Well, that might not be seem Just like you want to make yarn crafts, but you will be surprised! Dawn LE Riden is here to show you how to make a strong thermal pad with beer bottle caps, and how to cover the bottle cap with cute crochet lace sleeves to prevent things from sliding on the metal and prevent the metal from overheating And burn you when you accidentally touch it. We cannot overcome the true creativity of this idea, especially because it is also an upgrade technology!

3. Easter duckling hot pad

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Maybe you have been a big fan of making seasonal handicrafts and works, so throughout your browsing this article, have you been looking for any type of holiday design? In this case, we have a feeling that you will like this cute little Easter hat, which looks like a little duck that just came out of its shell. We think this pattern is a good way to learn to switch colors! See how it was made on Dragon Fly Mom of 2.

4. Simple variegated thermal pad

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Are you really just a brand new knitter looking for ways to practice basic stitches and complete some tangible objects that you can actually use? Then we recommend sticking to a simple, classic square design! However, this does not mean that you cannot create some visual interest in your design. We like the way Cheryl Beckerich keeps their stitches in a basic minimalist style, but using bright variegated yarns makes things look great.

5. Geometrix Mandala Thermal Pad

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Well, we know that we said that most of these patterns and designs are for people who are still unfamiliar with knitting and crocheting, but when we see this mandala pattern by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk is very beautiful, we bear Can’t help but put it on our list! This pattern is an excellent practice for lace crochet and complex shapes, especially when changing from color to color.

6. Hot pad mini gloves

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Are you that kind of weaver and The kind of kitchen people, although they are very interested in making simple things and designed according to basic concepts, they actually prefer to use simple things once Is it slightly different from normal? In this case, we think you will like this fun little thermal pad glove from Bekah Knits. This is a cool double item because it protects your fingers when you pick up a hot pan or pot, but you can also unfold it and place it flat on the counter to place things.

7. Music note hot pad

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Have you reached your crafting point, you feel that you are ready to learn some color work, but you want to find a balance between something themed about something you like and sticking to very basic shapes, because you are still learning ? In this case, we think this music by Susan Bridget is not a hot pad is a good idea! We like that the overall shape is still straightforward, so you can focus on creating your shape.

8. Miter thermal pad

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Maybe you are ready for a little challenge, but your personal style is simpler than some of the styles we have shown you so far? In this case, we think you will like a project that focuses more on stitch definition rather than fancy shapes or designs! We like the way Lori Utely designed this knit and woolen thermal pad, it really shows your neat, even tension and the beauty of stockings.

9. Tequila sunrise hot pad

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Are you still wondering how much you like the more complicated lace crochet hot pad we showed above, you are kind of Interested in making an analogue that also has color variations, but you don’t want to crochet a completely solid color background because you think it is detrimental to the beauty of lace? Then take a look at this see-through two-tone lace design! Robin Abullah shows you every stitch so you can make your own version.

10. Sugar skull hot pad

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Once again, we know this is not exactly a beginner’s design, but it is so cool that we can’t extricate ourselves!Apart from the excellent use of colors, we cannot forget the look of this lace crochet design so It’s like a great sugar skull. Learn how to make each layer on Glamour4You and how to stitch each texture.

11. External use fish hot pad

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Maybe you are looking for a design that allows you to practice two color variations and Increase and decrease shape changes at once without overwhelming you with extra details? Then we have a feeling that you will like this funny little fish hot pad by Katie Rothman. This pattern is also great because it is another pattern that looks very cool, no matter what color you choose for the base and stripes.

12. Lamb Butt Hot Pad

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If you want to make something useful but simple, why not make it more interesting? We like the idea of ​​learning new technologies by making some extra cheesy and silly things that might make visitors giggle when they see it. That’s why we really like this lamb butt hot pad pattern by Shannon Paxton! This is a great way to practice switching colors cleverly, but it’s also fun.

13. Overview Rainbow Flower Hot Pad

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Are you really experienced in color switching, now you want real Take these skills to the next level, even if your kitchen actually still needs a hot pad? Then you might fall in love with these awesome colorful flower cushions made by Jennifer Martin just like us! In fact, we have made several such amazing flowers for ourselves, and countless flowers that we give to friends and family.

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