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More than 30 unique DIY Christmas felt decorations, sparkling creativity


More than 30 unique DIY Christmas felt decorations, sparkling creativity

If you want to create something creative and sweet for the Christmas holidays, you might as well try these cute felt Christmas decorations for your home, or give them as gifts to your loved ones. They won’t spend a lot of time, but their presence will, um…feel.

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DIY Christmas Felt Ornaments

You and your children can easily make Christmas felt ornaments to make your Christmas tree cooler and more unique. They can also be used to decorate other things, such as tree branches, mantels, lamps, etc.

Here are some ideas to help you make felt Christmas decorations today!

1. Darama ornaments

View in galleryFelt ornaments DIY1 More than 30 kinds of unique DIY Christmas felt ornaments, sparkling creativity

You can hang them on your Christmas tree, or hang them anywhere in your house. They also look great in your kitchen. Check out the Dala horse decoration tutorial from Better Homes & Gardens.

2. Felt Owl Ornaments

View in galleryFelt Owl Ornament

They look at you with beautiful eyes and make you look beautiful. Very suitable for your tree, whether it is natural or man-made. Check out the felt owl jewelry tutorial by Juicy Bits.

3. Felt pine cones

View in galleryFelt Pine Cone

Whether it’s on the Christmas dinner table or hung on a tree-they can bring color and sparkle creativity to your house. Check out the felt pine cone tutorial from salttree.

4. Fig pudding felt jewelry

View in galleryFig pudding felt decorations

Check out Bugs and Fishes’ fig pudding tutorial.

5. Felt squirrel outdoor decoration

View in galleryFelt jewelry 5.

Check out You Go Girl’s Felt squirrel tutorial.

6. Felt Christmas Ornaments-Happy Bacon

View in galleryFelt Christmas Ornaments-Happy Bacon

Check out Seremeres’ Happy Bacon tutorial.

7. Felt monogram jewelry

View in galleryFelt monogram jewelry

View Felt monogram decorations from Say YES.

8. Mistletoe DIY felt jewelry

View in galleryMistletoe DIY Felt Ornament

Check out this mistletoe tutorial from a full-time artist.

9. Classic red and white mint candies

View in galleryClassic red and white mint candies

Check out Pink Suede Shoe’s classic red and white mints.

10. Russian matryoshka ornaments

View in galleryMatryoshka felt ornament

Check out the Matryoshka doll decoration tutorial from my sparks.

11. Birdie Christmas Felt Ornaments

View in galleryBirdie Christmas Felt Ornament

Check out the bird jewelry tutorial

12. Christmas Elf Felt Ornaments

View in galleryChristmas Elf Felt Ornament

Check out RevoluzZza’s Last-Minute-Weihnachtswichtel.

13. Candy felt jewelry

View in galleryCandy felt jewelry

Check out the candy jar jewelry tutorial in bugsandfishes.blogspot.

14. Cute felt ornaments (animals, cups, gloves or gingerbread)

View in galleryCute felt jewelry

Check out these decorations from katieemrich.blogspot.

15. Flower ball felt jewelry

View in galleryFlower ball felt jewelry

Check out the felt flower ball tutorial from strawberry-chic.blogspot.

16. Felt Santa decorations

View in galleryFeel santa claus decorations

Check out the felt Santa decoration tutorial from thelongthread.

17. Felt snowman decorations

View in galleryFelt snowman ornament

Check out the felt snowman tutorial on bugsandfishes.blogspot.

18. Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

View in galleryFelt Christmas Tree Ornaments

Check out the felt Christmas tree ornament tutorial on bugsandfishes.blogspot.

19. Double-sided felt snowflake

View in galleryDouble-sided felt snowflake

Check out purlbee’s double-sided felt snowflake tutorial.

20. Christmas pudding ornaments

View in galleryFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern10.jpg

Check out the free patterns of Christmas pudding decorations.

Making felt Christmas ornaments (with patterns)

View in galleryFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern1.jpg

View in galleryFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern2.jpg

View in galleryFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern3.jpg

View in galleryFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern4.jpg

View in galleryFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern5.jpg

View in galleryFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern6.jpg

View in galleryFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern7.jpg

View in galleryFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern8.jpg

View in galleryFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern9.jpg

View in galleryFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern12.jpg

This is a free pattern for Felt Christmas Dove

View in galleryFelt-Accessories- DIY19

Check out the felt plant decoration tutorial for stumblesandstitches.

View in galleryFelt-Accessories- DIY18

DIY bell flower jewelry tutorial from thecraftycrow

View in galleryFelt-Christmas-Ornament-wonderfuldiy

More DIY felt jewelry patterns

Get more free felt templates from here: Handcraft-Felt Jewelry

We also like these cute ninja turtle jewelry DIY projects:

View in galleryNinja-Turtle-Christmas-Ornaments DIY F

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