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DIY Lace Leaf Friendship Bracelet (Video) (Video)


DIY Lace Leaf Friendship Bracelet (Video) (Video)

This is the perfect, simple accessory to get you through the summer. If you are a fan of friendship bracelets, you should try this Lovely Leaves friendship bracelet tutorial and create your own DIY bracelet in no time. You don’t have to choose five different colors to make this pattern, just any color you want. They can be occasion-specific, like the colors of your favorite sports team, or holiday-specific, like a variety of reds and greens for Christmas, or personalize your DIY bracelet with this easy DIY bracelet pattern Add beads (Image credit: serimarea). We have some lace projects with fabulous fun patterns, lace is a fun craft we’ve had since childhood. We most often make lace bracelets from our school days, lace is more practical than making these accessories, we have lace hammocks, lace owl DIY tutorials, perfect for bringing lace craftsmanship into home decor.

Let’s take a look at our collection of inspiration below:

Image from: candicicecharlson

Image with Tutorial: Bracelet Book

Image with Tutorial: Friendship Bracelet

Image via: Etsy

Image from: t-n5

There are video tutorials of BeyondBracelets on youtube for you to understand better! have fun~

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