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10 simple DIY table lamp ideas ⋆ DIY crafts


10 simple DIY table lamp ideas ⋆ DIY crafts


For desks that often sit down to do homework or operate laptops, DIY lights are essential. Use these DIY desk lamps, which are affordable and fast to make, so that your books and other items on your desk can get clear, focused light. The lack of design inspiration is not worth worrying about, because you have these 10 simple DIY table lamp ideas, the best ready-made designs. Abundant professional DIY wooden lamp making skills will surprise your senses. You will introduce the latest desk lamp design, which will give your desk a new look. There is a light plan for every budget and skill level. In addition to sharing the latest homemade wooden table lamp designs, this list will also provide you with inspiration for industrial metal and USB powered table lamps.

Here you will find all the creative details for making an LED table lamp that can change the light color. Stack the chopped wooden cubes to make a stylish spiral lamp, and combine the square wooden frames with rounded edges to make a modern table lamp. Explore all the DIY table lamp ideas and see which design wins your heart.

1. DIY desk lamp USB power supply:

We really need to put a light on the desk, even when studying or performing any other work-related tasks at night. So, it’s cheaper to make this DIY desk lamp powered by USB. The wooden base of the table lamp really makes the table lamp very suitable for decoration. View the details of the idea instructables here

2. How to make a contour table lamp:

When we have this outline table lamp project for you to work on, you can buy a completely gorgeous and stylish table lamp for your desk in the following ways. The rustic dyeing tones perfectly blend with modernism and minimalist design.View details on the link of diycreators here

3. Modern DIY table lamp:

This gorgeous and quirky lamp can become yours in just a few hours. Therefore, please use this modern DIY spiral table lamp to bring some decorative charm to your work space. Using a lot of plywood squares, you can easily shape this stylish and unique lamp. See details here acraftedpassion

4. DIY wooden table lamp with color-changing LED light:

Tired of those boring markets to buy lights? If so, then you will fall in love with this DIY desk lamp with color-changing LED lights. This lamp is made of stacked wooden squares and looks very amazing.You can complete this project easily and cheaply, here is the detailed information of fixthisbuildthat

5. DIY table lamp:

This gorgeous wooden table lamp is easy to make at home, adding some beauty and charm to your boring desk. The table lamp is made of wood, with some brown stained tones, which looks very beautiful and stylish.View full details of creative heroes here

6. Use a tube to make a cool desk lamp:

This cool desk lamp looks very smart, if you know how to use the tools, you can easily make them. So take some iron tubes, lamp kits and bulbs to create this super cute and weird lamp. Follow the detailed information of the idea here to easily complete it yourself.The Home Depot

7. DIY copper and silver table lamp transformation:

There is no need to make a new lamp when you can easily make a lovely makeover to an old lamp. This old and boring lamp is painted in copper and silver paint tones, which looks so gorgeous and novel.Follow the step-by-step instructions here for domestic speaking

8. DIY LED table lamp with concrete base:

Need a lamp that is stylish and does not take up desk space, then you have come to the right place. This DIY LED desk lamp with a concrete base is very suitable for your lighting needs and wishes. So take some concrete mix and wooden boards to easily shape this lamp at home. YouTube

9. Modern DIY L-shaped LED light:

Add a hand-made lamp to make it easier for you to work on your desk. This is the idea to create this cute and modern DIY L-shaped LED light. The L-shaped lamp is ultra-thin and simple in design, so it is very suitable for a compact desk area.Learn how to do it easily on the link on youtube

10. DIY battery-powered LED work light:

This rustic and richly styled DIY battery-powered LED work light is the perfect way to add brilliance to your desk. The arch lights with LED lights and the wooden base with wing-like decorations are fantastic.You can view the details of these DIY battery-powered LED lights on youtube

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