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15 beautiful knitted baby sweater patterns, ready for winter


15 beautiful knitted baby sweater patterns, ready for winter

Maybe not in autumn quite Still with us (we never long to get rid of the lovely summer weather we have always had), but at this time of year we always start to think about how autumn comes.

However, this is not a bad thing, because we like summer very much, and autumn is also a good time of the year! This is especially true for weavers.

Knitted baby sweater pattern

all of these Beautiful knitwear The things you packed this season can finally come out and wear!

1. Hooded wrap sweater

View in galleryHooded wrap sweater 15 beautiful knitted baby sweater patterns, ready for winter

Do you like to make very simple things in colors and patterns, but you still want some unique design elements in terms of the actual structure of the sweater?

We think this is a good strategy for baby knitting, because these things are suitable for your kids who make them in a short time. That’s why we like this classic but simple wrap sweater from The Design Studio! The comfortable hood is perfect for babies in winter.

2. Sunnyside baby cardigan

View in gallerySunnyside Baby Cardigan 15 beautiful knitted baby sweater patterns, ready for winter

Maybe you like cardigans very much, but you actually prefer to add some cute stitching details, even if you are not yet an “expert” knitter?

In this case, you really Need to check out this cute wired cardigan from “Learn to knit with Katie”. We like the way the cable frames the buttons on both sides of the front.

3. Pull Gaspard sweater

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Just in case you are still considering cool structure options, but you prefer a pullover-style baby sweater to a wrap-around cardigan, here is a very stylish alternative to Christine Rouville!

It does not have a headscarf that may fall off when the baby twists. Instead, it has a beautiful high-necked design, which can still help keep the baby comfortable in the cold autumn.

4. Baby kangaroo sweater

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Do you like the idea of ​​making sweaters based on solid colors show a little color, but you are not confident enough to try actual color work?

In this case, maybe a little less colored stripes is the best choice for you to start! Purl Soho shows you how to make a cute hooded pullover with pockets with cute colorful striped elements. This is a a lot of It’s easier to do than you think.

5. Layered baby jacket

View in gallery

Perhaps the cardigan is by far the style that attracts your attention the most, but you want a style that is still simple, but more girlish?

In this case, we have a feeling that you will love these cute layered sweater jackets by Love Knitting! They are not too flashy and look like ruffles, but the contrasting stitches that pop out periodically as you increase it look almost like this.

6. Changing cardigan

View in gallery

Do you prefer to use lighter weight yarn and add as many stitch patterns as possible, because you like the details of the finished product?

Then you will love this impressive mid-level sweater design by Rosy Little Things! Their tiny cables on the front of the top need some attention, but the rest are mainly cute ribs that show off your stitch definition in a beautiful way.

7. Puerpernium Cardigan

View in gallery

Do you like side cardigans, but you would rather make a sweater that is really fastened so that the sweater can be worn well on your baby, especially if they are at an active age and start to crawl around?

In this case, you will love this three-button cardigan from Beautiful Skills! We like the idea of ​​choosing dark yarns for solid color sweaters and comparing them with three very bright buttons to add visual details. The cute matching hat with curl tips on the top is also a bonus!

8. Spud Chloe sweater

View in gallery

Maybe you have actually been looking for a way to challenge your weaving method recently without making things too much, so you are looking for a pattern with a certain shape and some details?

Then the cute little leaf on the front of Kaye Prince’s sweater is the perfect choice for you to deal with next! Since you will deal with the details on the front, you will have all the simple fun of making a simple baby cardigan without getting bored.

9. Linen sweater

View in gallery

Are you more of a beginner weaving, hoping to learn how to knit in a circle, but you still want your finished product to be impressive and worth your time?

In this case, we are pretty sure that the linen sweater from Tin Can Knits is exactly what you are looking for. The best part is that they also provide you with sizes that allow you to make larger kid and adult sizes in this sweater, which means you can make a fun little set for your next set of family photos sweater!

10. Little Bumblebee Cardigan

View in gallery

Maybe some simple stripes are Exactly What do you need now, but the mention of some simple color work actually arouses your interest, want to try it?

Then we think you will be as obsessed with Tracey Nicole’s Hornet sweater as we are! It’s actually a change to another simple striped cardigan design called The Coffee Bean, but this page will guide you through the surprisingly simple process of drawing some bees and some hearts along the bottom hem.

11. Olive You Too Cardigan

View in gallery

Since we first mentioned these cables above, have your thoughts stayed completely on the beautiful cables, and now this is what you want to do, even if the baby will soon no longer have a sweater?

Well, I can’t blame you. Everyone knows that a well-made sweater will always become a family heirloom for brothers and sisters, and may even be a family heirloom passed on from generation to generation! This beautifully braided cable design cardigan from Taiga Hilliard Designs is exactly the kind of design we are talking about.

12. Easy Baby Cardi

View in gallery

Do you have an absolutely stunning variegated yarn that can be portrayed perfectly on a baby, but you don’t want to hide in a complicated cable or stitching pattern because it really deserves to shine?

Then this simple cardigan that garter belt lovers dream of is just what you need. Universal Yarn lists complete patterns for you to try.

13. Demne Cardigan

View in gallery

Maybe you are looking for a pattern that suits softer, less traditional woolen yarns, because you plan to make something very beautiful that can be passed on from generation to generation?

In this case, we certainly think you should look at this lovely long cardigan from Knitsofacto.This is one of those great patterns, although not too complicated, but only Enough details to truly attract the attention and admiration of anyone who sees your child wearing it.

14. Fancy lace baby sweater

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Have you been trying to learn lace weaving recently and have achieved great success, but when it comes to the idea of ​​making a large lace garment, you still feel a little scared?

of course Yes There are a lot of laces to deal with, but if you start small, and then gradually grow larger, soon, bigger laces will not feel too scary to knit!

Baby clothes are a good starting point, because you can practice adding lace to a stereotyped garment, but the size is still small enough that you won’t feel trapped in knitted lace for the rest of your life. This exquisite lace cardigan from La Dolce Duchessa is the first great lace clothing item to try!

15. Rian Shoulder Check Baby Sweater

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Do you like the idea of ​​the Flax sweater because it is simple but still in the right shape, but you can handle it with confidence Touch When it comes to the actual stitching pattern itself, what are the more challenges?

Then take a look at this alternative raglan sweater by Tom Machine Knitting Guy, which has a similar basic structure but involves more alternating stitching than the first option we show you.

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